Olly Murs has been ''learning to bake'' in lockdown.

The 36-year-old singer has been spending quarantine with his girlfriend Amelia Tank during the coronavirus pandemic, and has said he's also been taking up his newfound free time with a host of new hobbies, including building Lego sculptures, cycling, playing the piano, and cooking.

Speaking to the Daily Star Sunday's TV Life magazine, he said: ''I've tried to stay active throughout - I have to always be doing something, so I have been doing a lot of Lego and out cycling loads. I have been learning to bake and although I've never been much of a chef in the kitchen, my best one yet is a baked Alaska. I love cake and ice cream so combining them together was pretty cool. I've also been playing the piano loads and learning more about the instrument - enjoying things I don't usually get the chance to do.''

Meanwhile, the 'Dance with Me Tonight' hitmaker recently said he struggled to find his ''purpose'' amid the global health crisis.

He lamented: ''Lockdown has been so much harder than my knee rehab last year.

''I was excited about so many things happening in 2020. I had Soccer Aid, holidays, 'The Voice', projects with my TV company and I had a new haircut. Lockdown sidetracked it all and I found comfort in eating things I love, like chocolate.

''On the surface it looked like I was having loads of fun with Amelia. But I've had some really tough days where I was thinking, 'What's my purpose?'''

However, sources have said the star has been ''so happy'' since finding love with Amelia, as he believes he's finally found ''the right girl'' after spending ''a good few years'' waiting for the perfect person to come his way.

The source said: ''He hadn't had a serious relationship for a good few years before Amelia came along because he was waiting for the right girl. Now he feels he has found that woman.

''He is so happy and everything is going really well ... They spend all their time together so it was the natural progression for her to move in, and there is plenty of room.

''Usually they are both so busy and it can be tricky to spend a lot of time together. But now they are making the most of their quality time as a couple and absolutely loving it.''