Olly Murs was given two hours to save his leg.

The 'Dance With Me Tonight' hitmaker underwent an operation on his knee last year but three months after the initial surgery, doctors were worried the metal plate in Olly's knee had got infected and feared he could be struck down with fatal blood poisoning, also known as sepsis.

He said: ''The surgeon told me, 'You need to come into London now. We need to operate within the next couple of hours. Go and get a bag.' They had to open me up again in case the infection spread. So it got nasty.''

Olly's girlfriend Amelia Tank was away celebrating a friend's hen do at the time and he didn't even tell her what had happened as he didn't want to spoil her fun. When she did return to the UK to visit him in hospital, Olly joked that she was so hungover that she ''needed the bed more''.

He added to The Sun newspaper of his girlfriend: ''All I could smell was the alcohol. She couldn't even speak - she'd lost her voice. I think if anything she needed the bed more than I did. Bless her, she just looked like when you come home from a really heavy weekend.''

Meanwhile, Olly previously revealed he was taking a break from social media after undergoing ''serious knee surgery''.

He captioned the post: ''Hey guys!! Quick update from me! I'm putting on a brave face for the gram but this week I've been recovering from serious knee surgery, something I've needed for sometime. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to cope sitting still like this for the next few months its going to kill me but it's what's needed. I'm also going to use this time as an opportunity to take myself off social media for a while - focus on my recovery and spend some time on myself, with friends and family. ‪Thanks for a super 2019! With the Voice Win and my Sell Out Arena Tour! Unreal moments! Loved it.. now it's time for a rest. Enjoy the rest of your year you cheeky lot, don't miss me too much I'll see you all soon (sic)''