Olly Murs envies Jason Derulo's TikTok skills.

The 36-year-old pop star has been using the app throughout the coronavirus lockdown, but he doesn't think his videos are as entertaining as those made by the 'Whatcha Say' hitmaker.

He said: "I love the app and it kept me entertained through lockdown.

"It was a lot of fun coming up with pranks and fun stuff with my girlfriend, so I’m glad people enjoyed them. I actually think Jason Derulo is the master of TikTok."

Olly makes TikTok videos with the help of Amelia Tank, his girlfriend.

But he said that Jason, 31, takes it to another level entirely.

Olly told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "He seems to have a stream of influencers living at his house in Los Angeles producing content every day - I’m very envious. He’s brilliant on it and had huge success with his music again off the back of it."

Meanwhile, Olly previously suggested that going back on the road will be a test for his relationship.

He explained: "Amelia says she can’t wait for me to go out to work.

"But it’ll be a shock for us from a relationship perspective because she’s only known me to be at home, really, all the time.

"We’ve been at home every day. I’ve been making breakfast for her, she’s been cooking me dinners. I’ve been annoying her with pranks, she’s been annoying me with stuff. We’ve got a dog together.

"There’s been some really lovely moments. It’s been brilliant. If anything, you realise when you go through something like this, ‘Actually, we are great together and really compatible’. But now - and I did say to her - we’re both in for a shock."