Olly Murs hasn't been to the dentist in 15 years.

The 31-year-old singer and TV presenter went to get his teeth checked on Wednesday (23.09.15) but admitted he was terrified about the outcome as he hadn't been to a dentist since he was 16.

He tweeted: ''Off to the dentist.. Haven't been since I was 16.. Not looking forward to this.''

Meanwhile, Olly recently revealed that he and 'The X Factor' co-host Caroline Flack decided not to pursue a romance with each other so that they could continue to work together.

Olly admitted that although there was chemistry between them from the beginning, he and Caroline chose not to pursue a romantic relationship so that they could work together, first on 'The Xtra Factor' and now 'The X Factor' itself.

Asked about Caroline's recent confession that she ''nearly fancied'' him, Olly said: ''It all stems from a tweet she did in 2009, which she tweeted when I was on the show and auditioned, saying she fancied me and obviously then we started to work with each other and when we first worked with each other, we were both single so it was kind of like we were flirting, having a lot of fun and then we realised this should never happen, if we want to work together we can't be doing this.''