Olly Alexander's happy places is inside his head. The 27-year-old singer has hinted his thoughts and dreams are ''like a crazy Disneyland'', and he is completely happy when he is left on his own to ponder about certain things because he doesn't think anyone can be content at the tourist attraction.

Speaking to Stylist magazine about where he feels most happy, the Years and Years lead vocalist said: ''It's inside my head. It looks a bit like a crazy Disneyland. You can't not be happy at Disneyland. It's totally forbidden.''

And the musician also feels his spirits are instantly uplifted the moment he tucks into a bowl of ice cream.

He added: ''Ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better.''

The star also wants to be remembered for his wilder side and for being able to pull of wearing a pair of hot pants.

When asked what he wants his fans to remember about him, he said: ''I'd like to be remembered for looking cute in a pair of hot pants and for saving the rainforest.''

Meanwhile, Olly has revealed he has undergone a full body wax, which he has admitted was the ''most painful experience'' has ever had to endure.

Speaking about his ablutions session, he said; ''I don' think [I have a high pain threshold.] I recently had an entire lower body wax and it was probably the most painful experience of my life.''