Olivia Munn joked she's been ''homeschooling'' her dogs during lockdown.

The 'Love Wedding Repeat' actress teased her co-star Sam Claflin - who is at home with his two young children amid the coronavirus pandemic - and insisted she knew what he was going through.

She told Extra: ''I'm at home, and I'm the parent to two dogs, so I get what he's going through, I understand!

''We've got the alphabet up on our window too. A lot of homeschooling for me and my dogs!''

Her comments came as Sam opened up on his own quarantine experiences in the same interview, and revealed how he has been balancing his personal and professional lives.

He said: ''I'm a dad to two toddlers, and I am also working still. I feel like quarantine's been tough but in a very good way! I've had the opportunity to spend some quality time with the kids.''

Meanwhile, Olivia,39, revealed she is grateful for the time to spend at home as production on films and TV shows has halted during the ongoing health crisis.

She added: ''I think that we all ask for the gift of time all the time, and right now, there's lots of scary stuff going on in the world. I've been trying to look at the silver lining.

''At least for me, what I've thought about is right now, no one's expecting anyone to get any work done. Whether it's turning in a script, or meeting people for lunch - there's kind of this halt on everything.

''In a way we've all been given this gift to sit home and breath without feeling like we're missing out on life or feeling guilty.''

Olivia hopes to be able to emerge from the tough time ''with a different energy'', and she suggested she could benefit from the time to unwind.

She explained: ''There's a lot of times when I get invited to things and I'm just tired or don't want to go. I think now I'm able to really recalibrate myself and hopefully come out the other side with a different energy.''