Actress Olivia Munn had no idea who boyfriend Aaron Rodgers was when they first met.

The Green Bay Packers star hooked up with Munn at a party, but at first she just thought he was a good-looking nobody, and even when he introduced himself she had no idea he was a top U.S. sportsman.

She explains, "I had no idea... I said, 'So, what do you do?' and he said, 'I play football'. I go, 'Cool, what college?'

"He's like, 'Oh no, I play professional'. I said, 'Cool, what position?'. He went, 'Quarterback'. 'Cool'. That was kind of it... All I saw was that he was really attractive; I didn't care what he did."

Munn is currently commiserating with her man after his team were dumped out of a Super Bowl spot by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday (18Jan15).