Olivia Cooke found it "amazing" to work alongside Riz Ahmed in 'Sound of Metal'.

The 27-year-old actress plays Lou Berger in the drama flick, which sees her alter ego's drummer boyfriend Ruben Stone (Ahmed) struggling to cope with losing his hearing and was blown away by her co-star's performance, which saw him nominated for the Best Actor Oscar.

Olivia said: "As an actress, you sometimes have to weigh up whether you want to take the girlfriend role but to be in a film like 'Sound of Metal' with Riz that explores deafness in a way I hadn't seen before was amazing.

"Watching Riz act, I just had a sneaking suspicion the film would sweep up nominations but then you get sneaking suspicions on others – and then you watch them and they're s***!"

Cooke is also starring opposite Jack O'Connell in the pandemic drama 'Little Fish' and is also involved as an executive producer on the project. She explained how she believed her input on the movie was valued.

She told the Metro newspaper: "We were pitching against a big, old studio with a massive star attached.

"It was my first executive producer role, and it was nice to interview directors for it and have, not even power – just to feel that someone was taking my opinion seriously, which felt like a first, because I had a title that backed it up."

Olivia also recalled being cast by Steven Spielberg in 'Ready Player One' and how she suspected it would change her life.

She said: "I was definitely like, 'My God, my life is going to change for ever!'

However, she soon found that it was just a typical acting role.

Olivia added: "It's just another job – and it's quite good your life hasn't changed. I prefer it that way."