It was a big but unsurprisingly fertile evening for ITV’s ‘Broadchurch’ at last night’s RTS awards. The detective drama won the best drama serial award, while Olivia Colman picked up the best actress award for the second year running, also being recognised for her role as single mum Carol in Channel 4’s ‘Run’.

BroadchurchColman is coming back for more, but is David Tenant? Pic: Broadchurch, S1E01

Coleman, who also picked best actress award in 2013 for her portrayal of a mum whose son is shot by a gangster in Jimmy McGovern's The Accused, was described by the judges as being at "the very top of her game".

In other Broadchurch news, Coleman’s co-star in series 1 is set to return for the second, if Jodie Whittaker, who played grieving mother Beth Latimer, is to be believed. "I know Olivia [Colman] and David [Tennant] are back, but [the producers] haven’t told us anything. They don’t want us to know anything so that we can’t spoil it if we are back”. (Den of Geek)

Elsewhere, Idris Elba picked up the best actor award for his turn as Luther in the incredibly popular crime drama of the same name. Talk of a movie adaptation of the three-series drama has been rife, with Elba confirming he’d be interested in taking part.

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BBC Two's Peaky Blinders, about a criminal gang set in 1919 Birmingham, won best drama series. The show, which stars Cilian Murphy in the lead, has already enlisted Tom Hardy to star in the second series.

Channel 4's Educating Yorkshire won best documentary series at the London ceremony being described by judges as "enormously watchable". The documentary was a real tearjerker, pulling on the heartstrings of many as a young pupil with a speech impediment was brave enough to give an end of year speech a la The King’s Speech.

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