Killing Kennedy is the National Geographic Channel's summarised view of the assassination of former president John F. Kennedy, a view that Director Oliver Stones thinks is skewed and hides a clear truth. The Rob Lowe-starring docu-drama will air on the network later this month, prior to the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, and when it does, Stone won't be tuning in.

Oliver StoneBill O'Reilly
Stone [L] and Bill O'Reilly [R] share different views on the Kennedy assassination

In a recent discussion with The Hollywood Reporter, the acclaimed moviemaker gave some of his own views on the death of the iconic president, admitting that he, like many others, believes that there is more to his assassination that a disturbed and disgruntled lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald. Based on the book co-written by conservative Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, Stone conceded that their view on the assassination opens up more questions than it does answer them.

"Am I going to watch Killing Kennedy? No," he told THR. "Because I don't agree with Mr. O'Reilly. I think he's taking the simplistic, Manichaean, dramatic point of view. I saw the poster, which is just ridiculous — with Kennedy in the foreground and this lone assassin in the background."

Stone came under fire from some when his 1991 film JFK proposed the theory of multiple shooters to a wide audience, but even after all these years the director's opinion is unchanged as he thinks that "historically," the film presents an accurate depiction of events. He continued, giving his own version of events by saying, "I think it was a professional ambush. I've always thought so."

The collectors' edition of Stone's 1991 film JFK will be released on 12 November. Killing Kennedy will air on 10 November.

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Stone courted controversy in 1991 with JFK