Oliver Stone thinks the disaster of Hurricane Sandy is Mother Nature's retribution against President Obama and Mitt Romney's failure to address the issue of climate change in the election campaigns.

The 'Savages' director expressed his 'disappointment' in the lack of discussion on global warming and the general issues surrounding the survival of Earth. 'I think there's kind of a weird statement coming right after: this is a punishment; Mother Nature cannot be ignored', he told Huffington Post. 'That's all I thought about. The storm will pass. The campaign will pass. But unfortunately the nature of this present world situation will not.' It does seem strange that such a huge storm should come in and destroy parts of the country in the days leading up to the election, but it certainly shows who's really boss. 

He also said that he didn't believe it was right for the country to feel 'in charge' of global matters. 'There's this attitude that we deserve to be in charge', he said. 'I don't agree with that. We are part of a global world; it's a community of nations.' In spite of his negativity towards his country and the presidential candidates, he still feels that someone needs to be in charge and has admitted to voting for Barack Obama early, favouring his campaign over Mitt Romney's.