Moviemaker Oliver Stone has hit back at harsh comments his W star Richard Dreyfuss made about the director, insisting he has never had a more unpleasant time on a film set that he did with the actor.
Dreyfuss publicly slated Stone after the film was released, calling him a "fascist" - and now the director has given his side of the story, revealing he upset the star by reprimanding him for not knowing his lines.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, "That was probably the single worst experience I've ever had with an actor in my life.
"I walked him outside, and I read him the Riot Act. I said, 'You're going to read these f**king cue cards, and if you don't read them, this scene is over.' So, yeah, I was a fascist."
And Stone isn't the only director currently taking aim at a former leading man - Kevin Smith has reiterated his feelings about working with Bruce Willis on the film Cop Out in the new issue of Hustler magazine.
He tells the publication, "Everything about it was awesome except for the one guy who didn't seem like he wanted to be there."