Oliver Stone says the fourth of 2004's 'Alexander' is the ''right version.''

The director's epic historical film 'Alexander' - which starred Colin Farrell - was savaged by film critics and failed at the United States box office, and despite three previous attempts at re-editing the film, Stone says his latest version is the story he should have told the first time.

He told ScreenDaily.com: ''It's the right version.''

The filmmaker went on to criticise the original theatrical release, branding it a ''failed birth'', but hopes people will give the new version a chance when it arrives on DVD later this year.

He scoffed: ''It was a caesarean birth... No, it was a failed birth and I know that.

''But certain people take a hatred to things I do, often beyond reason. I would say simply be kind enough to watch it again and reassess the complexity of the story, which I had failed to deliver.''

Stone previously released a director's cut of 'Alexander' in 2005 and two years later made 'Alexander Revisited: The Final Unrated Cut', however, that version ran for three-and-a-half and he was asked by movie studio Warner Bros. to re-cut it a fourth time.

The film - which also stars Angelina Jolie - tells the story of Greek king Alexander the Great.