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Shut In Trailer

Mary Portman is suffering greatly with the grief of the death of her husband Richard, who died in a road accident that left their son Steven completely paralyzed. Her days are now split between caring for Steven and her job as a child psychologist. When she meets her new patient, a young boy called Tom who has lost his mother, she becomes somewhat attached to him despite his resistance. When he comes to stay with her, she feels like she has her son back, but soon he goes missing and is presumed to have died in the freezing conditions. However, she's convinced that she has seen Tom in the house - and not just him alone. She thinks there's something in her home and when she discovers scratches on Steven's face, she knows she's got to do something.

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Rules Don't Apply - Trailer & Clips

Warren Beatty writes, directs and stars in the new movie Rules Don't Apply. 

Marla Mabrey could be the next talk of the town, having already made a name for herself by being named the local beauty queen in the small town she grew up in, much bigger things await the brunette beauty. Hollywood is on her doorstep and with a little luck she's about to become one of the biggest actresses the town knows. 

The year is 1958 and Marla is accompanied to the city by her mother having grown up in a strict Baptist environment, some people might judge Marla as being a little frigid, especially as the city is just on the brink of a feminist uprising. She doesn't drink, smoke or believe in premarital sex but the city might just loosen Marla up and introduce her to a few vices she never thought she'd take up. 

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Chef Review

Very Good

Like comfort food, this movie has very little nutritional value, but it sure goes down smoothly. This is one of those shamelessly delicious-looking films that makes our mouths water at the tasty dishes that are lovingly created on-camera. And it also has an array of deeply likeable characters, witty cameos and sparkling dialogue to keep us smiling. So who cares that nothing unexpected happens from start to finish? This is a movie we sit back and enjoy without worrying about the appearance of a plot twist.

The title character is Carl (played by writer-director Jon Favreau), the chef at a top Los Angeles restaurant that is stuck in a rut because the owner (Dustin Hoffman) refuses to change anything on the menu. When a snooty food critic (Oliver Platt) criticises Carl for his tired and predictable cuisine, Carl's reaction sparks an angry Twitter war. In a fit of anger, Carl quits his job then hatches a plan to get back to his roots while bonding with Percy (Emjay Anthony), his pre-teen son with spicy ex-wife Inez (Sofia Vergara). So Carl and his sidekick Martin (John Leguizamo) take Percy to Miami to refurbish food truck and drive back to California, along the way building a reputation and perfecting their Latin-infused menu.

Since a complex plot would just be distracting, this film coasts on the charisma of its likeable cast, throwing in lively side roles for the likes of Scarlett Johansson as a restaurant colleague, Bobby Cannavale as a fellow chef and most memorably Robert Downey Jr. as Inez's hilariously nutty ex. Everyone is relaxed and effortlessly funny, which makes the interaction feel amusing and never remotely forced. While this is easily Favreau's most assured work as a director (that's including the first two Iron Man movies), this is also his most generous performance too. He infuses the whole film with easy-going charm.

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Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return Review


Despite substandard animation, this brightly coloured sequel has a strong enough sense of both its story and characters to hold the audience's attention. And kids might not mind the quality, as they are re-introduced to classic characters in an all-new adventure based on the book Dorothy of Oz by Roger S Baum (great-grandson of L Frank).

It starts the morning after Dorothy (voiced by Lea Michele) gets back home to Kansas after her iconic adventure. Her panicky friends Scarecrow, Tinman and Lion (Dan Aykroyd, Kelsey Grammer and James Belushi) summon her back to Oz, where considerable time has passed while a crazed Jester (Martin Short) kidnaps good witch Glinda (Bernadette Peters) so he and his army of flying monkeys can launch their reign of terror. On her long journey back to Emerald City, Dorothy has a series of adventures with Wiser the owl (Oliver Platt), Marshal Mallow (Hugh Dancy), the China Princess (Megan Hilty) and the old tree Tugg (Patrick Stewart), who all help her take on the Jester.

Yes, the plot is rather simplistic (the Jester merely seems evil for evil's sake), but the real problem is that the animation is badly under-developed. Characters are painfully thin, with no gravity to them at all, which makes it impossible for them to properly interact visually. Fortunately there are some clever touches to the design work, such as the way everything in Oz looks battered and broken, which adds a badly needed dark edge to the otherwise sunny silliness.

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Video - Oliver Platt, Martin Lawrence And Kelsey Grammer Support 'Fargo' At The Paley Center - Part 4

Oliver Platt made his appearance at the Media Presents: 'Fargo' event at The Paley Center in New York alongside 'Braddock & Jackson' stars Martin Lawrence and Kelsey Grammer. Platt features in the 'Fargo' film-to-TV crime drama series alongside Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton.

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Chef Trailer

Carl Casper is a chef working at one of the top restaurants of Miami. Food is his ultimate passion in life and so he is utterly heartbroken when his boss forces him to cook a 'safer' menu, bypassing his usually ambitious creations. The change came about when it was found that a formidable food critic would be visiting the establishment, but, as it turns out, the menu switch was a bad idea and Carl doesn't take his subsequent criticism very well at all. After reading his bad review and going viral, he sends out a badly judged post over Twitter and is thus forced to leave his post at the eatery. Instead, he sets up his own food truck, delivering his food on wheels to anyone willing to try a new culinary experience, and along the way uses it to reconnect with his young son and ex-wife. 

'Chef' is brilliant comedy about self-discovery, passion and drive. The movie's main star, Primetime Emmy nominated Jon Favreau ('Cowboys & Aliens', 'Iron Man', 'Elf', 'Zathura: A Space Adventure'), was also responsible for the direction, production and screenplay and it made its premiere at the SXSW Film Festival in March. It is due for UK release on June 18th 2014.

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Chef - Clip

Carl Casper is a well-known chef from Miami who works in a trendy LA restaurant much lauded by critics. However, when one particularly formidable critic shows up to taste Casper's food, his culinary creativity is thrown into question when his boss requests he make something a little more 'safe' than his usual creations. Unfortunately for Casper, he doesn't take criticism too well and loses his cool in a tirade which is captured on film and subsequently goes viral across all social mediums. Now jobless and unsure of his own passions, he returns to Miami to set up a food truck by the name of El Jefe Cubanos in a bid to regain some of his ingenuity and, of course, respect. The journey also sees him reconnect with his wealthy ex-wife and young son as the family attempt to rebuild the bonds between them.

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Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return - Teaser Trailer

Dorothy Gale is barely back in her Tornado-ravaged hometown in Kansas five minutes than she is whisked off over the rainbow back to the topsy-turvy land of Oz once more to rescue her friends, the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and Glinda, and the rest of Oz's innocent residents from a terrible peril. At the helm of this new evil is the Jester, more frightening than funny, who plans to turn the leaders of Oz into puppets controlled for his own nefarious means. Along the way Dorothy and her beloved dog Toto meets a string of new and unusual characters including Wiser the Owl, China Princess, Marshal Mallow and former tree Tugg the Tugboat, as she sets off on another exhilarating adventure to find her friends.

'Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return' is a new animated fantasy based on both L. Frank Baum's 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz' and his great-grandson Roger Stanton Baum's sequel 'Dorothy of Oz'. It has been directed by Will Finn ('The Road to El Dorado') and Dan St. Pierre ('Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey') and written by Adam Balsam, Randi Barnes ('Imagination Movers') and Barry Glasser ('Skateboy') with a film score by Oscar nominated singer Bryan Adams. This enchanting family movie with hit the US on May 9th 2014.

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Video - 'The Heat' Double Act Sandra Bullock And Melissa McCarthy Look Like BFFs At NY Premiere - Part 4

Sandra Bullock is seen sharing a joke with comic actor Marlon Wayans while they are being interviewed on the red carpet. Marlon dabs the interviewer's head with a towel before wiping his own. Sandra is also seen holding hands and hugging Melissa McCarthy as they pose for photographers; director Paul Feig briefly photo bombs them, before they are joined by the rest of the cast.

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Ginger And Rosa Trailer

Ginger and Rosa are teenage girls in the '60s and have vowed to always be the very best of friends. Together they skip school, do each other's hair and talk about everything from politics to the latest teen magazine articles. Both of them lead difficult home lives, with Rosa struggling without a father figure in her life and Ginger's mother tied to the four walls of their home while her activist father fights against the Cold War. Both are wishing to rebel against their dull lives in search of adventure and fulfilling their dreams. However, as the threat of a nuclear apocalypse draws near, the girls are divided by the paths they choose to take; Ginger wants to follow in her father's footsteps and protest against the bomb threat, determined to stay alive, while Rosa just wants to spend time with boys and live the life she has now rather than worry about the furture. Unfortunately, it's Ginger's father Roland that she takes an interest in which only looks to cause more problems. As Ginger seeks the help and guidance from two gay men (both named Mark) and an American poet named Bella, plenty of relationships look set to fall apart and the conflict closest to home becomes the biggest threat in their lives.

'Ginger and Rosa' is a coming-of-age drama about the opportunity ridden world of the sixties directed and written by Sally Potter ('The Man Who Cried', 'The Tango Lesson', 'Orlando').

Starring: Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Alice Englert, Annette Bening, Timothy Spall, Oliver Platt, Alessandro Nivola, Jodhi May, Oliver Milburn, Greg Bennett, Andrew Hawley, Richard Strange, Matt Hookings, Marcus Shakesheff,
Director: Sally Potter

The Oranges Review


There's plenty of potential for jagged black humour in this suburban comedy-drama, but the filmmakers never take a single risk. So with its soft and simplistic approach, the movie is never as quirky or hilarious as it should have been, or as the filmmakers seem to think it is. The only pleasure in watching it comes through understated touches the gifted cast members manage to inject here and there. And what a great cast!

It's set in West Orange, New Jersey, where two families have been best friends for decades. David and Paige Walling (Laurie and Keener) have two grown children: Vanessa (Shawkat) lives at home while Toby (Brody) drops in to visit every now and then. Across the street are the Ostroffs, Terry and Carol (Platt and Janney), whose wayward daughter Nina (Meester) is home for Thanksgiving. Everyone thinks a romance between Toby and Nina would be wonderful. But as the Wallings try to work out some marital problems, it's David who drifts into a transgressive affair with Nina. Which sends these long-time friendships into spiralling chaos.

The plot is so perfectly suited to a black comedy that we wonder what happened along the way. Director Farino smooths every edge, instead straining for silly farce that leads to some sort of emotional catharsis. But he fails to recognise that these people are all intelligent adults, so the fallout from David and Nina's fling feels contrived and obvious. The script also never makes us feel like they are doing anything besides reacting to their previous relationships: this isn't real love, so why should we care?

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Ginger And Rosa Review


An extraordinary cast lifts this grim British drama into something watchable, even if the script ultimately gives up trying to make any sense. The main problem is that the story is very badly fragmented, but it still captures a vivid sense of how it felt to grow up in 1962 Britain. And the actors give performances that bring the characters to life even in scenes that are somewhat melodramatic.

Ginger and Rosa (Fanning and Englert) are inseparable 16-year-olds who were born in the same hospital on the same day. As they both ponder the horrific possibilities of the Cold War, their reactions begin to diverge, perhaps their first disagreement ever. Ginger's parents (Hendricks and Nivola) are liberal-minded and about to separate yet again, so she takes a militant approach to stopping nuclear annihilation. Rosa lives with her deeply religious single mother (May) and believes that the only thing to do is pray about it. But the thing that drives a real wedge between the girls is Ginger's suspicion that her dad might be having an affair with Rosa.

In the early scenes, Potter establishes the girls as imaginative friends with free spirits who do everything together. Then the plot begins to take increasingly dark twists and turns, leading to a series of awkward or downright horrible confrontations that are freaky and emotional but also thoroughly mawkish. There's a lot of glowering and weeping on display from everyone on-screen. Fortunately Fanning and newcomer Englert maintain a loose honesty in their performances that helps carry us through the difficult moments. And the starry supporting cast is terrific.

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The Oranges Trailer

David Walling and Terry Ostroff are totally inseparable. Living across the street from each other in the beautiful town of West Orange, New Jersey, both patriarchs bring their families together at every available opportunity and every single year to celebrate Thanksgiving. When 24-year-old Ostroff daughter Nina comes home to join in the festivities for the first time in five years after splitting up with her fiancé, both families secretly have hopes that she and Walling son Toby might get together. However, there is a shocking turn of events when Nina's suspicious mother Cathy follows her as she leaves the house with a mysterious person and turns up at a motel. Outside, Cathy runs into David and her daughter and both struggle to explain what's going on. They have inadvertently fallen for one another and, as their attraction grows ever stronger, the two inseparable families face are suddenly faced with conflict and heartbreak.

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Video - Beau Bridges And His Wife Have Arms Around Each Other At Awards Ceremony - Gotham Independent Film Awards Arrivals Part 1

Awards season kicked off on Monday night with the Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York. Actor Beau Bridges and his wife Wendy are seen with their arms around each other on the red carpet. The hosts of the awards, Oliver Platt and Edie Falco, stood together for a brief moment and then parted ways as they appeared to be enjoying every minute of having their photos taken.

Also putting in an appearance was Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's younger sister, Elizabeth Olsen (Martha Marcy May Marlene). In this year's awards, two films were tied for Best Feature - the first time that has happened in the award show's 21 year history. Tree of Life and Beginners both won the prestigious award.

Love And Other Drugs Trailer

Jamie is the kind of guy who doesn't like commitment, sex and fun are the main things he looks for from the opposite sex and he enjoys his current way of life. A pharmaceutical salesman by trade, his job is another hugely important part of his life, when his company begin to sell a new male performance enhancing drug on the market, he feel it's a brilliant way of making money.

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2012 Review

Gleefully over-the-top, this film takes the disaster movie pretty much as far as it can go, drawing on the Mayan prophecy that he world will end on 21 December 2012. Emmerich deploys all the genre elements (solid cast, detailed back-stories, gigantic set pieces) to give us a raucously enjoyable ride.

While on a camping trip in Yellowstone, novelist-turned-chauffer Jackson (Cusack) stumbles across a secret military operation and a raving nutcase (Harrelson) who claims the end of the world is nigh. Sure enough, top government scientist Adrian (Ejiofor) is advising the President (Glover) and his Chief of Staff (Platt) about preparations for impending natural catastrophes. By the time Jackson gets home to Los Angeles, the pandemonium has begun, and he barely gets his kids, his ex (Peet) and her new husband (McCarthy) out. But where do they go now?

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A Time To Kill Review

Remember the hoopla over the novel A Time To Kill? It was celebrated author John Grisham's second book -- actually his first book -- the book he published after The Firm became a hit. The book that no one wanted before he was famous. The book, apparently, that, if it hadn't had his name on it, would never have been published.

Now it's the fourth Grisham movie to be made, continuing in grand fashion that franchise of increasingly average film versions of his increasingly average writing.

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Kinsey Review


Writer-director Bill Condon has a talent for hitting just the right tone in his work. Whether he's paying stylistic homage to "Bride of Frankenstein" creator James Whale in "Gods and Monsters" or writing a screenplay for "Chicago" that re-envisioned the Broadway musical as a wannabe showgirl's uniquely cinematic daydream, Condon always finds a way to seamlessly marry the crux of his story to the strengths of his medium.

In "Kinsey," he legitimizes and revitalizes a rather tiresome narrative gimmick -- on-camera interviews with the characters. For a biopic about legendary sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, there could be no more apropos structure for the story. Kinsey himself interviewed thousands of Americans about their bedroom predilections in the 1940s and '50s to compile his groundbreaking, rather comprehensive and certainly controversial studies on the subject. So Condon opens the film in kind -- with a simple, head-on, black-and-white image of the bluntly matter-of-fact and obliviously awkward Professor Kinsey (Liam Neeson) being quizzed about his own background and sexual experience.

Composing the film around Kinsey's answers, Condon cues flashbacks of an upbringing under the fire-and-brimstone hand of a preacher father (John Lithgow), introduces the equally clinical-yet-passionate student who becomes his wife (Laura Linney), touches on the man's own pseudo-scientific dalliances and their promiscuous effect on his marriage, and sets the stage for the studies that helped launch the sexual revolution.

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Lake Placid Review


"Lake Placid" is a sub-standard monster movie with such a greatcast of enjoyable stars you won't even care that it's bad.

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Ready To Rumble Review


David Arquette's escaped-lunitic-on-a-double-espresso style of nitwit comedy is an aquired taste. Or at least I assume it is since I don't find him funny but movie directors continue to cast him and AT&T saw fit to make them their collect-calling spokesman.

He's a one-note Jim Carrey wannabe with a Jerry Lewis IQ and two facial expressions: Half-asleep stoner and vein-popping screaming mimi. He's also a front-runner for Least Convincing Actor Alive, as he frequently seems to be looking desperately toward the camera for approval of over-the-top his antics.

David Arquette is also the star of "Ready To Rumble," a slow-pitch comedy about professional wrestling fans, seemingly made for some niche market of moviegoers that find Pauly Shore pictures too intellectually taxing.

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Oliver Platt

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Oliver Platt

Date of birth

12th January, 1960







Oliver Platt Movies

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Movie Review

Professor Marston and the Wonder Women Movie Review

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Shut In Trailer

Shut In Trailer

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Rules Don't Apply Trailer

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Chef Movie Review

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Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return Movie Review

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