Olga Kurylenko regrets not studying medicine.

The 'Water Diviner' actress left her native Ukraine to embark on a modelling career but dreamed of being a doctor and admits she is ''jealous'' of friends who studied at the elite Oxford University.

She said: ''Yes, it is a regret. If I have kids I will tell them: study. Hopefully they will want to.

''Funnily enough, I wanted it maybe because I couldn't.

''There was always a choice. I could have stopped modelling and just done acting.

''But I also understood how lucky I was. I didn't come from a wealthy family so I felt a sense of responsibility to do it not only for myself but also for my family.

''I am so jealous of people who went to Oxford. I have friends who went and I always tell them they're my favourite people. What a pleasure to study in such a beautiful environment.''

Olga - whose mother is an artist - briefly went to art school but admits she isn't patient enough to have made a career out of painting.

Asked if she still paints, she told Stylist magazine: ''I don't have the patience. We only have the patience to look at our phones.

''I don't understand how my mother sits through days doing some meticulous thing. Maybe when I'm older I'll calm down and be able to do it.''