Review of Oh No Album by Ok Go

Ok Go are one of those bands whose rock comes so perfectly formed, so perfectly packaged and so perfectly infectious that you wonder why other bands don't just give up. With a tight hard rock feel, like say Weezer, but combined with a British wit and sense of humour, as well as some nice spikiness, this is the Arctic Monkeys turned up to 10 and in full command of their songwriting and playing. Oh No is the band's second, after a good level of success with their self-titled debut (and a hit single in Get Over It), and it mixes up the styles a little, with Prince-style R&B mingling with catchy power pop, and a Kendal Mint Cake level of energy throughout. The band clearly needed no gestation period - coming out of the stalls this polished takes some doing. That the sheer quality of the music on display in no way distracts from just how 'cool' this band sounds suggests they're also in charge of their sound.

Ok Go Oh No Album

Rating 9/10
Mike Rea