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OK Go (formed 1998)

OK Go is an American alternative rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois, and now based in Los Angeles, California. The band members consist of Damian Kulash (lead singer, guitarist), Tim Nordwind (bassist and singer), Dan Konopka (drummer, percussion) and Andy Ross (guitarist, keyboardist and singer), who joined them in 2005 to Andy Duncan.

Formation: At the age of eleven, frontman Damian Kulash went to Interlochen Arts Camp to do graphic design. Here he met bassist Tim Nordwind doing music. The band name later derived from their art teacher saying, "OK.Go!" prior to drawing. Keeping in touch after Camp had ended, they later met keyboardist and guitarist Andy Duncan in high school. Nordwind and Duncan then moved to college in Chicago and formed the band Stanley's Joyful Noise with drummer Dan Konopka. Kulash moved to Chicago in 1998 and joined the group - their name was then changed to OK Go. 

Musical Career: Within a year the band had already played alongside international acts from the likes of Sloan and Elliott Smith. The year 2000 saw the self-release of OK Go's first demos. Entitled Brown EP, it was followed by Pink EP a year later, where the band first revealed the electronic elements of their sound. Despite not getting them a record deal, the demos got booking agent Frank Riley engaged, who then offered them shows with They Might Be Giants. OK GO have always referred to themselves as a Chicago band, regardless of them moving to Los Angeles throughout their career. Believing they would get more support from newly hired label President Andy Slater, the group turned down offers from bigger labels in favour of Capitol Records, who they signed to in April 2001. 

The band's debut self-titled debut album was launched in September 2002, reaching number one on the US Billboard Heatseekers Chart. Every track on the record was re-recorded despite original plans to keep the majority of the recordings from their earlier demos, whilst new songs were also added such as the first single 'Get Over It'. The single received good exposure as it was featured in EA Sports Triple Play Baseball and Madden NFL 2003 video games and had its video named Video of the Week by Q magazine. Live shows followed, with the band touring with acts like the Vines and Phantom Planet, and performing a festivals such as Leeds Festival in 2002 and 2003. 

Released in August 2005, OK Go's second album Oh No, produced by Tore Johansson (the Cardigans, Franz Ferdinand) and mixed by Dave Sardy (Nine Inch Nails) gained popularity through its first single 'A Million Ways'. The single's music video simply consisted of the band members dancing in a back yard, and became the most downloaded video ever by August 2006 (9 million downloads). Prior to the record's release, Andy Duncan left OK Go in February 2005 due to label pressure, intense touring schedules and creative differences with the group. Duncan was replaced by Andy Ross who came out on top of thirty-four competing guitarists in a competition for the place. The contest ended with each candidate being questioned on their willingness to dance on stage. The band then started touring once again, this time alongside acts such as Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol. New Year's Eve that year included a free show from the band in New York City's Times Square. 

The EP You're Not Alone, recorded by OK Go and New Orleans funk rock group Bonerama, was released in February 2008 to fundraise for the musicians of New Orleans after the devastating effects of the 2005 Hurricane Katrina. Sold exclusively through iTunes, the EP generated over $40,000. Ok Go's next album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, came out on January 12th 2010. Now becoming famous for their music videos, the first two videos of the new album were uploaded online in 2009, but met with complaints from fans only able to view them on YouTube. Kulash responded with a long letter posted on the band's website explaining the record label's policies. The letter later went viral. 

March 2010 saw a big announcement from OK Go - the band had left labels EMI and Capitol and created their own independent label Paracadute. Whilst the label successfully claimed ownership of the album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky, OK Go's first two records remained the property of EMI. The biggest achievement made by the band's new business model came in the form of the hugely popular music video for the song 'This Too Shall Pass', made in collaboration with State Farm Insurance, and featuring a large Rube Goldberg Machine constructed in a warehouse. Uploaded in March 2010, the video received 1.4 million YouTube views in the first 48 hours. 180/365 was the name given to the first new release on Paracadute Recordings, and was essentially a live album recorded over numerous shows in 2010. Launched in June 2011, the name refers to the number of concerts played by OK Go over the course of one year.

'Twelve Days of OK Go' and 'Twelve Months of OK Go' were released digitally via the band's website in December 2012 and January 2013 - featuring rare songs, B-Sides and covers from the band. The band's fourth studio album Hungry Ghosts came out in October 2014 and peaked at number 74 in the US Billboard chart. 

Other Achievements: OK Go's videos have received credit from a variety of sources. The group won the 14th Annual Webby Special Achievement Award for Film and Artist of the year; the video to 'This Too Shall Pass' has been awarded 'Video of the Year and 'Best Rock Video' at the 3rd annual UK Music Video Awards as well as the LA Film Fest's Audience Award for Best Music Video and UK MVA Awards - Music Video of the Year Winner 2010. The band's video for "Here It Goes Again" won a Grammy Award for Best Music Video back in 2007. Their videos have been screened at museums, art galleries and film festivals including the Edinburgh International Film Festival. 

Biography by Contactmusic.com

OK Go Channel Morrissey With Cover Of 'Interesting Drug'

Ok Go Morrissey

Ok Go appeared on 'The Late Late Show With James Corden' this week to play their brand new cover of Morrissey's 1989 single 'Interesting Drug'; a song for which they also released a video earlier this week addressing the current political state of the US.

OK GoOK Go perform live rendition of 'Interesting Drug'

The band performed last night (January 18th 2017) after unveiling a video to go with the track that features various clips of president-elect Donald Trump speaking at conventions, as well as shots of him and his associates on the front of newspapers. The song features on their latest album 'Hungry Ghosts'.

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Top 10 Music Videos Of 2016

David Bowie Frank Ocean Aphex Twin Ok Go Radiohead Jamie XX Stylo G

2016 has been a strange year. Starting off with the death of David Bowie (pictured below) and ending with nobody in the world quite sure what is going it has been a constant journey of ups and downs. 

David Bowie seen in the moving video for LazarusDavid Bowie seen in the moving video for Lazarus

But still, there has been some excellent music videos created to match this state of confusion; from Bowie to Anohni, there has always been a constant source of inspiration available in the ever-changing climate. Here we do a recap of our favourite videos of the year, good luck 2017 in trying to match some of these...

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Here They Go Again! OK Go Have A Totally Explosive New Video For 'The One Moment'

Ok Go

Music video legends Ok Go have launched an explosive new visual for their latest single 'The One Moment'. As usual, they've used innovative ideas to complete a mind-blowing video, this time teaming up with salt giants Morton Salt for their new humanitarian movement. It's a fun project, but there's an underlying serious to this new release.

OK GoOK Go have another epic video release

Directed by the band's singer Damian Kulash, Jr., the video - which they released on Facebook yesterday (November 23rd 2016) - features a brief explosion of powder paint, glass, water balloons and guitars before going into a slow motion replay that sees the band members use flick books and diving through paint foundations.

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OK Go Speak About Zero Gravity Video For 'Upside Down & Inside Out'

Ok Go

Having made some of the most memorable music videos of the modern era, cult indie rockers Ok Go have done it again with their new single ‘Upside Down & Inside Out’, which is the first music video to be shot in zero gravity.

Reuniting with director Trish Sie, who was behind their memorable 2006 single ‘Here It Goes Again’ which was filmed on synchronised treadmills, the Chicago four-piece filmed their new video during eight “parabolic” flights in the skies above Russia.

Working with S7 Airlines, the biggest domestic carrier in the country, they were flown upside down for short periods, making them effectively weightless, with water bombs filled with dyed liquids exploding around them.

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OK Go - Upside Down & Inside Out

Ok Go are constantly trying to outdo their previous videos and with their new one for the single Upside Down & Inside Out might just be one to top them all. Shot on a plane in zero gravity, the video features OK Go's usual levels of choreography with a few surprises thrown in for good measure! 

Ben Walton's Top Albums Of 2014

Grant Nicholas Beck The Gaslight Anthem Ok Go Manic Street Preachers Tim Wheeler We Cut Corners

Grant Nicholas - Yorktown Heights
10) Grant Nicholas - Yorktown Heights
Feeder's Grant Nicholas went down the familiar lead-singer-does-a-solo-album route this year, and the results weren't too bad in the end. Yorktown Heights is a more sombre and acoustic take on the recognisable sounds of his regular band but there is still plenty of bite and energy on tracks like 'Joan of Arc' and 'Time Stood Still'. On Yorktown Heights, Nicholas proved he could pen a tune with more emotional depth than anything about a CD player player player player player.

CJ Wildheart - Mable
9) CJ Wildheart - Mable
Not exactly a surprise that a member of The Wildhearts did a solo album this year, but CJs first solo work in seven years is an absolute mother of a sonic gut punch. The power pop blitzkrieg comes thick and fast with songs like 'Better Late Than Never', 'Devil' and the album highlight 'Vitriol'. CJ took the opportunity of his second solo outing to prove that The Wildhearts was never a one man show.

Beck - Morning Phase
8) Beck - Morning Phase
2014 saw the welcome return of the musical equivalent of Willy Wonka, Beck. Morning Phase revisited the acoustic sounds of his seminal 2003 album Sea Change, with an added dash of optimism. The four years Beck took out between this and his last studio album obviously did him some good as Morning Phase features some of his best songs, such as 'Blue Moon', 'Waking Light' and the gorgeous 'Heart Is A Drum'.

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Ok Go, White Knuckles Single Review

Out Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky, the album from which White Knuckles is taken, was released in February this year to a generally positive reception. It was subsequently re-released in April (After the band split from EMI/Capitol) and is shortly to be reissued again as an 'Extra Nice Edition'. The video to accompany this single release was put on-line a week earlier than the single itself on September 20th. It was also premiered on the Ellen Degeneres Show as well as a performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, so chances are you've either heard it or seen it. In just 1 week 3.5Million viewers have seen the 'Dog-A-Mid' choreographed routine on You Tube alone. The 12 dogs and 4 band members, plus upside down bins, tables and chairs only required a 124 takes to get the final shot right!

Ok Go
are as infamous for their videos as for their music, if anything slightly more so. Their treadmill routine is still going strong with more than 50Million hits in the bag. Does that translate in anyway into musical credibility or even sales? They may be one of the most watched bands in the world but so far that has not meant they have become one of the most listened to bands in the world.

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Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass

OK Go have made quite a name for themselves on the internet, not only for their musical abilities but for their extremely imaginative videos. This is mainly down to two videos for 'Here It Goes Again' and 'A Million Ways' from their last album 'Oh No'. The simplicity but excellently executed style was the key to their success.

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Ok Go, Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky Album Review

Review of Ok Go's album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky released through Capitol.

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