O.J. Simpson is still in prison for a robbery in Las Vegas back in 2007, but he's in trouble with the law again after receiving his third tax lien, which brings his total debt to the IRS to well over $500,000 reports TMZ.

Simpson's legal problems have never been far from the spotlight since he was accused of murdering his ex-wife and her friend in 1994. Although he was found not guilty there was considerable backlash of the verdict, which resulted in a separate case in 1997. Although no one can be tried for the same crime twice, Simpson was taken to court for wrongful death (rather than for the original case trying him for murder), for which he was found unanimously guilty. That year he was ordered to pay the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman a total of $33,500,000. Most of which he also still owes.

Despite his luck seeming to be on the turn last year when a judge ruled to reopen the case against him for the 2007 armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas, for which he is currently serving 30 years in prison (9 without parole), news of his enormous tax bill means it'd probably be better for him financially to stay locked up.