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The Shack Trailer

Mackenzie Phillips set out for the family vacation of a lifetime with three of his children, but little did he know that it would be a trip he would remember for years to come, and for all the wrong reasons. One day, during a fishing activity, he is forced to turn his gaze of his young daughter Missy for a brief moment, who subsequently disappears. The Wallowa County police discover her body in an isolated shack in the middle of the woods having been abducted and murdered. After that, Mack spirals into a depression letting his grief seep into every corner of his life and even causing him to lose his faith in God. It's then that he discovers a letter inviting him back to the shack signed by someone called Papa. He believes it's God calling him to find peace, and help him come to terms with Missy's death.

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Octavia Spencer Sees Political Relevance In Hidden Figures

Octavia Spencer

The film tells the story of three black women who were instrumental in getting America's space race off the ground, using their mathematics and computer genius during a time of prejudice and segregation.

Octavia Spencer in Hidden FiguresOctavia Spencer in Hidden Figures

Actress Octavia Spencer thinks that the film is catching audiences by surprise. "I think there will be some people who think that this is some sort of conjecture," she says. "I thought it was fiction. But it's an embarrassment that these women were omitted from the annals of history. I've seen just about every movie about the space race, and not only have they not mentioned women, they definitely haven't mentioned African-American women. I'm excited because the world will finally know these names. They will no longer be obscure."

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Bad Santa 2 Review


The 2003 comedy Bad Santa is a holiday classic that skilfully mixes gross-out humour with resolutely unsentimental emotion. So it's very disappointing that this 13-years-later sequel reassembles the cast then merely coasts on the vulgarity, never bothering to develop the characters or plot. It's just as rude, and it provides some solid laughs along the way, but the story never engages the audience, which leaves the movie feeling naughty but never nice.

Over these years, Willie (Billy Bob Thornton) has continued his slacker lifestyle into his early 60s. He still lives in Phoenix, and has continued to try to ignore the attentions of the sweetly naive Thurman (Brett Kelly), who has just turned 21. Then Willie's treacherous ex-cohort Marcus (Tony Cox) gets out of prison and approaches him with a big heist. Against his better judgement, Willie accompanies him to Chicago, where two nasty surprises await: the plan is to steal millions from a children's charity, and Willie's estranged mother Sunny (Kathy Bates) is organising the robbery. Annoyed, Willie instantly falls for the sexy Diane (Christina Hendricks), who is married to the charity's shifty boss (Ryan Hansen). Meanwhile, Marcus tries to seduce a security guard (Jenny Zigrino). And Thurman turns up unannounced.

It's depressing that, after years of talk about a sequel, this haphazard plot is the best the writers could come up with. Every element of the narrative is deeply contrived to merely string together a series of filthy jokes, rude insults, noisy sex and criminal slapstick. All of this would have been welcome if the comedy sprang from the messy relationships or personalities. But everything is so static and pointless that there's nothing to hold the audience's attention, aside from a number of witty gags that pop up out of nowhere. So at least there are a few solid laughs.

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Gifted Trailer

Mary is a bright and happy little girl who lives with her uncle, Frank; he is her guardian and care giver since the death of her mother. Frank's sister made his promise that he'd always do right by her daughter and give her the most normal life possible - despite her loss.

Frank and Mary have a very close relationship and Frank home tutors the little blonde haired girl but as she gets older and her ability to learn more develops, Frank decides it's time for his niece to enrol at the local junior school. Despite Mary's pleas (and discussion to the point of 'Ad nauseum') to her uncle to let her stay home, Frank knows that she must start adjusting to a more normal way of life.

Howard School is a friendly local elementary and for the first time in her life, Mary is part of a classroom and soon her teacher discovers that Mary is an extremely clever girl - a child genius. The head teacher approaches her uncle Frank and tells him that she could potentially get Mary enrolled at a school for gifted children but thinking about his sisters last wishes, Frank decides she's best where she is.

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Bad Santa 2 Trailer

Since we last met Willie T. Stokes, his life has had plenty of ups and downs; but mainly downs. He's still in touch with his curly haired friend, Thurman but he's the only person he really has in his life. Thurman is now fully grown and at the age of 21, he's now old enough to drink and he works at a sub sandwich shop. 

Thurman is just as naive as the last time we saw him but he has just as much faith in his buddy Willie as he ever has done. Willie can't help but still feel protective over the boy he helped save from bullies all those years prior. 

As for Willie's old partner Marcus, as far as Willie's concerned hopefully he's still rotting in jail after attempting to kill Willie. When Marcus gets in contact with our cranky aging ex-Santa, he's surprised to hear from him and even more surprised to learn of a new con Marcus tells him about which could be worth millions. 

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Hidden Figures Trailer

Even from a young age, Katherine Johnson's family and teachers knew she was made for great things. Even as a child, her mind was something special. She was gifted with an ability to work out complicated math sums far superior to anything a young child ought to be able to do.

There were a number of factors standing between Katherine and her education - most spanning from the fact that she was black and it was the 1920's. The country of Virginia where she and her family lived would not supply an education over a eighth grade to anyone of Afro-American ancestry and few family worked impossibly hard, splitting their time over two counties, to make sure their little girl could become the success they knew she would be. Their hard work paid off and Katherine became a math teacher before being poached by a new and exciting agency looking to recruit some of the most talented mathematicians of the time.

Katherine, along with two fellow mathematicians, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, were introduced into a whole new use for maths. The ladies who worked in the department were human computers and they unravelled huge flight calculations and soon Katherine was once again headed up the ladder to work on a space mission - a mission to send a man to the moon and safely return back to earth.

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The Divergent Series: Allegiant Review


After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original Divergent movie, constantly explaining this post-apocalyptic world's convoluted mythology before indulging in whizzy action that has little to do with the story or characters. It's a strange step back for a franchise that has such a strong cast and high production values. And this movie also feels frustratingly incomplete, because it's only based on the first half of Veronica Roth's third and final novel (a fourth film, Ascendant, is due next year).

When we last saw our hero Tris (Shailene Woodley), she and her hunky boyfriend Four (Theo James) had overthrown the nasty Erudite leaders to create a "factionless" society in Chicago under new leader Evelyn (Naomi Watts), Four's mother. But Evelyn's willingness to indulge in military excesses causes a rift with the more peace-loving leader Johanna (Octavia Spencer), sparking a civil war. Bored with this, Tris and Four free Tris' brother Caleb (Ansel Elgort) from death row and escape over the walls out of Chicago along with cohorts Peter and Christina (Miles Teller and Zoe Kravitz). Fleeing into the fringe, they encounter a peaceful, futuristic community called the Bureau of Genetic Welfare, run by David (Jeff Daniels). There they learn new facts about their past, but they're unable to ignore the unravelling situation in Chicago.

As in the first film, this script is over-packed with long conversations about the society's complicated set-up, and the Bureau has its own set of issues. Some of this information provides welcome context to the earlier films, but the screenwriters also hold back a lot of key details for next time, so this episode is oddly inconclusive. And that also makes it feel dull and contrived, especially since it leaves the characters' motivations so badly muddled. There's also the problem that these movies continually steal ideas and imagery from other films (this time it's Mad Max and The Truman Show).

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'Insurgent' Spends More Time On Shailene Woodley And Characterisation

Shailene Woodley Kate Winslet Naomi Watts Octavia Spencer Ashley Judd

Unless you had read the book, last year's hit 'Divergent' probably left you scratching your head about the story set in post-war Chicago, where people are segmented into factions according to their personalities (Dauntless, Candor, Amity, Erudite and Abnegation), plus the factionless rebels and multi-factioned divergents. Basically it all felt rather contrived, and director Neil Burger's movie had to spend too much time trying to explain how it worked.

Maggie Q and Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'
Maggie Q and Shailene Woodley in 'Divergent'

Now we move into the second chapter, 'Insurgent', and director Robert Schwentke can just get on with the story, playing down the odd structure of this closed-off city. So it's a much more involving movie that centres on the characters themselves, weaving the action into their personal situations while building a much more urgent sense of suspense up to another cliff-hanger ending. This also lets the female-dominated cast members shine, including Shailene Woodley, Kate Winslet and Naomi Watts, plus Octavia Spencer in a key cameo, and Ashley Judd in recurring flashbacks.

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent - Teaser Trailer

Following the revelation that she is Divergent and not specialised for any of the dystopian Chicago factions, Tris (Shailene Woodley) uncovered a series of intrigue and dishonesty amongst factions. Now, Tris is on the run with her leader Four (Theo James); being chased by the Erudite - a faction based on intelligence - as they plot to become the dominant faction. With Tris' family having sacrificed themselves some great secret, Tris and Four must find out what that is before the Erudite can catch them and win.

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Naomi Watts To Join "Insurgent" Cast Straight Away, As Rebel Leader

Naomi Watts Shailene Woodley Theo James Zoe Kravitz Miles Teller Kate Winslet Octavia Spencer

The cast of Divergent sequels Insurgent and Allegiant is already taking shape with Naomi Watts being the latest A-lister to join the lineup. The actress joins Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz and a number of other celebrities for the remaining movies of the young adult franchise. Watts willplay the mother of James’ character Four, appearing in three movies in total, since the final book, Allegiant will be split into two films a la every teen fantasy franchise of the past five years. Watts’ character, Evelyn, is the ruthless leader of the factionless in the books, aka those, who do not belong into any of Divergent’s five castes and have therefore been shunned from society.

Naomi Watts
Is Watts right for the part of a ruthless rebel leader?

Back in May, Summit also announced the casting of Octavia Spencer as Amity leader Johanna Reyes and the return of Kate Winslet as the main antagonist of the first two books, Jeanine Matthews. According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on Insurgent is already underway in Atlanta. The second film from the series has been given a tentative release date of March 20, 2015 – nine whole months ahead of the other big YA movie coming out in 2015 – The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I.

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British Model Suki Waterhouse Cast In Summit's 'Insurgent'

Suki Waterhouse Jonny Weston Octavia Spencer Shailene Woodley Theo James Zoe Kravitz

More Insturgent cast news this week. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suki Waterhouse and Johnny Weston have been added to the growing cast of the teen dystopia. The British model has signed on to play Marlene, a member of the Dauntless faction. This is Waterhouse’s first big studio production, however she has seen some success in her modeling career. She is the current face of Burberry and has worked on campaigns for Swatch, H&M and Max Studio. As for Weston, the 23-year-old actor, also a relative unknown, is still in final negotiations and his role in the sequel to the 2014 YA adaptation is yet to be announced.

Suki WaterhouseJonny Weston
Suki Waterhouse [l] and Jonny Weston [r] complete this round of Divergent castings (blonde edition).

Much of the cast will remain the same for Insurgent, as it was for Divergent. Most notably, we will see the return of stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, as well as Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Kate Winslet, Zoe Kravitz and Jai Courtney in supporting parts. Earlier this month, Summit also announced that Octavia Spencer had been cast as Johanna Reyes, the de facto leader of the Amity faction.

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Finally, Red-Band Trailer For 'Snowpiercer' Arrives [Trailer + Pictures]

Chris Evans Tilda Swinton Joon-ho Bong Octavia Spencer Jamie Bell

Snowpiercer isn’t new. Joon-ho Bong’s adapation of the popular French comic book Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob. Walking around Paris last October, posters for the movie where everywhere, and without the laboured ‘delayed train’ play on words, it’s finally coming to the U.S on June 27. What’s more, there’s a ridiculously good red band trailer for it, too.

SnowpiercerTilda Swinton, Chris Evans, Octavia Spencer in 'Snowpiercer'

In it, Tilda Swinton’s character – the evil, maniacal tyrant, Mason – dominates. Her words provide the backdrop for the struggle faced by those on board and their battle for freedom. “Know your place. Keep your place,” advises Mason, before suggesting that exactly killing exactly 74% of the rebellious population in front of her would be “fun”. 

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MPTF's Night Before The Oscars Pulling Out Of Partnership With Beverly Hills Hotel

Will Smith Jada Pinkett-Smith Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Matthew Mcconaughey Jamie Foxx Sandra Bullock Octavia Spencer

In recent years, besides the glamour, celebrities and red carpet fashion at the Oscars, the show’s ethics have also been put into the spotlight. This year, The Night Before The Oscars, the biggest charity event related to the ceremony, has pulled out of the Beverly Hills Hotel because the venue is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. The event is being held by the Motion Picture And Television Fund, and the decision to stop collaborating with the hotel comes directly from the organization. The charity event does not want to appear to support or endorse the Sultan’s recently instated anti-LGBT penal code, based on Sharia law.

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith
Supporters of the event include Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Officials from MPTF, have met with executives from both the hotel and the Dorchester Collection, owner of the Beverly Hills Hotel, to inform them of the decision, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Night Before party, which draws Hollywood’s biggest stars and every top executive in town, has been held at the Beverly Hills Hotel since its inauguration in 2003. It was originally started by Dreamworks’ CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg and has since raised over $60 million since its beginning. The party is regularly attended and supported by A-list talent – the 2013 committee, for example, included Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, Camila and Matthew Mcconaughey, Jamie Foxx, Sandra Bullock and Octavia Spencer.

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NBC's 'Murder, She Wrote' Reboot, Starring Octavia Spencer, Gets Shut Down

Octavia Spencer

'Murder, She Wrote' won't be returning to our television screens after all.

This past October (2013), it was announced that NBC will air a reboot of the famed TV crime series, starring Octavia Spencer in the role Angela Lansbury made famous.

However, even though the remake received a pilot commitment from NBC, the network has decided to shut production down, Deadline reports.

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Video - Jonah Hill Joins Celebs At The 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Part 5

Several stars from Martin Scorsese's corporate crime drama 'The Wolf Of Wall Street' were snapped on their arrival at the 2014 National Board Of Review Awards Gala in New York including Jonah Hill, Jon Favreau and Rob Reiner.

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10 Best Films Of 2013

Chiwetel Ejiofor Steve McQueen Matt Damon Rob Lowe Michael Douglas Sarah Polley Lake Bell Paul Greengrass Tom Hanks Ryan Coogler Michael B. Jordan Octavia Spencer James McAvoy Christian Bale Bradley Cooper Jennifer Lawrence Amy Adams


10. Behind The Candelabra - Sadly consigned to TV in America, this Liberace biopic's lavish production design deserves to be projected on the biggest screen possible. As do great performances from Michael Douglas, Matt Damon and a hilarious Rob Lowe.
Read our 'Behind The Candelabra' Review
Watch 'Behind The Candelabra' Trailer


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New Take 'Murder, She Wrote' With Octavia Spencer In The Works

Octavia Spencer

One of television's most popular crime shows, Murder, She Wrote is to be revived by NBC in a new series that will offer a fresh take on the long-running Angela Lansbury drama with the casting of The Help star, Octavia Spencer. Desperate Housewives' executive producer Alexandra Cunningham will reportedly pen the script whilst Six Feet Under's David Janollari will act as producer.

Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer Will Take Centre Stage In The 'Murder, She Wrote' Reboot.

Spencer will play a hospital worker who moonlights as a writer of mystery novels and amateur detective. The show will focus on her character's obsession with true crimes reported in the news which compels her to become part of the investigations, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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NBC Producing Pilot For The Revival Of "Murder. She Wrote" Starring Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer Angela Lansbury

CBS’s Murder, She Wrote, might be getting a much needed revival to NBC, according to the network’s announcement. NBC has ordered a pilot of the long-running series, Deadline reports. The series will benefit from the talents of writer Alexandra Cunningham and producer David Janollari. Cunningham’s previous work includes the series Desperate housewives. She will write and executive produce the series alongside Janollari.

Octavia Spencer, LA Film Festival
Octavia Spencer has been selected as Angela Lansbury's successor.

In addition, Oscar winner Octavia Spencer is set to succeed Angela Lansbury in the lead role of a cunning amateur detective. Despite Spencer’s Oscar win for The Help, this will be the actress’ first series regular contract. She previously worked with NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt and Janollari on the 2001 Sci Fi Channel series The Chronicle, which the two exec produced and she recurred on. This might be an exciting opportunity for Spencer to make a name in television, as her predecessor, Angela Lansbury, earned herself twelve Emmy nominations for the part.

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'Paradise' - Julianne Hough Is A Little Lamb Coming Of Age [Trailer + Stills]

Julianne Hough Russell Brand Octavia Spencer

In Paradise, the appropriately named Lamb Mannerheim takes the scenic route in coming of age. Scarred for life but still alive after a plane crash, Lamb shocks her home-town by taking off to Las Vegas where she meets William, a carefree bartender played by Russell Brand and Loray, a lounge singer with the cynicism to influence our main character into trying new things.

Julianne Hough Russell Brand Octavia Spencer in ParadiseJulianne Hough Russell Brand Octavia Spencer in Paradise

"I've got a heart full of rage and an L.L. Bean tote bag full of cash," Lamb says in the trailer. "I just want to experience worldly pleasures for the first time…the basic abominations," she adds. But are we in line for another coming of age story?

Continue reading: 'Paradise' - Julianne Hough Is A Little Lamb Coming Of Age [Trailer + Stills]

Paradise Trailer

Lamb Mannerheim was a beautiful, smart, strictly religious, perfect young girl and the pride of both her parents and her local parish. That is until one day, when an accident changed her views on faith forever. Lamb suffered extreme burns over two thirds of her body after a traumatic plane crash and now she feels it's time to question her religion and all she previously believed in; after all, why had she suffered so much while trying to be as virtuous as possible? Throwing caution to the wind and horrifying her parents, she takes a vacation to none other than Las Vegas to experience the sin and debauchery she knows exist in the world. On the way she meets the glamorous lounge singer Loray and a British bartender named William who take her on a journey of freedom to fulfil her bucket list of sin and make her see that there's more to life than prayer and etiquette.

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Justin Long Will Star With Anna Faris In CBS' New Comedy 'Mom'

Justin Long Anna Faris Chuck Lorre Octavia Spencer Allison Janney Nathan Corddry

CBS' comedy Mom has added Justin Long to its cast. Chuck Lorre made the announcement at a promotional event for the series. He told the gathered press Octavia Spencer would also be making a guest appearance in an early episode.

justin long
Justin Long at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival, New York.

Chuck Lorre, the executive producer and creator of the comedy, announced Long would be involved in the project. He will star opposite Anna Faris and act as her love interest. Faris, playing Christy, is the 'Mom' in question. She is a recovering alcoholic who decides to relocate with her children to the Napa Valley, California. 

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Video - Michael B. Jordan Poses With Octavia Spencer At 'Fruitvale Station' Screening At The MOMA - Part 3

Michael B. Jordan is snapped and interviewed on arriving on the red carpet at the screening of 'Fruitvale Station' at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Michael portrays Oscar Grant, who was shot dead in the back in 2009 by a police officer while restrained on News Year's Day in Oakland, California, in this gritty true-story drama.

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Go See This Movie: 'Fruitvale Station' Is An 'Unstoppable Cinematic Force'

Michael B. Jordan Melonie Diaz Octavia Spencer

Fruitvale Station - the new Oscar-tipped most by Ryan Coogler - tells the story of one of America's most unjust killings. In the early hours of New Year's Day, 2009, a young Bay Area kid by the name of Oscar Grant III was unarmed and lying face down on a subway platform in Oakland, California. Seconds later, he was shot in the back by a police officer.

The grainy cell phone footage captured by onlookers incited protests and unrest across the country, opening up a debate on law and order, violence and race, as noted in the New York Times. 'Fruitvale Station' - a movie snapped up by Harvey Weinstein for $2 million at the Sundance Film Festival - takes on extra significance given the roots of its director.

Coogler, 27, is a Bay Area native who went to film school at the University of South California. He remembers the incident all too well and does a stunning job of reconstructing it with the help of his cast Michael B. Jordan (The Wire), Melonie Diaz and Oscar winner Octavia Spencer

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Fruitvale Station Stuns Sundance And Cannes, Next Stop The Oscars? [Trailer]

Michael B. Jordan Harvey Weinstein Forest Whitaker Octavia Spencer

Few had even heard of Ryan Coogler's Fruitvale Station before it won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. It was snapped up by Harvey Weinstein, who has a well-documented knack of taking little known movies from the film festival and turning them into Oscars gold. Will he do the same with this gritty drama? The signs look good.

Watch the Fruitvale Station trailer!

Based on a true story, it stars The Wire's Michael B. Jordan as Oscar Grant, a 22-year-old living in the San Francisco Bay area. As the New Year approaches, he become determines to turn around his life and provide for his girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter. After boarding a particularly crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train, Oscar manages to get involved in a fight with some old adversaries and when the BART police are called, he is detained along with other passengers at Fruitvale Station. Through a cruel twist of fate, he is accidentally fatally shot in the early hours by a police officer who withdrew his gun rather than his intended taser. Oscar winner Octavia Spencer (The Help) plays Grant's mother, while Best Actor Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker (The Last King of Scotland) is one of the film's producers. This thing has pedigree.

It is due for US release on July 26th 2013, though reaction at this week's Cannes Film Festival - where it is competing in the Un Certain Regard competition - has been unanimously positive. Xan Brooks of The Guardian wrote, "Fruitvale Station made a noise at Sundance, was snapped up by the Weinsteins and played out to roaring approval here in the Un Certain Regard section."

Continue reading: Fruitvale Station Stuns Sundance And Cannes, Next Stop The Oscars? [Trailer]

Fruitvale Station Trailer

Oscar Grant is a 22-year-old living in the San Francisco Bay Area who hasn't lived a particularly squeaky clean life. However, as the 2009 New Year comes nearer, he determinedly decides to shape-up and become an honest human being attempting to provide for his girlfriend and his 4-year-old daughter and make his mother proud. Unfortunately, a fresh start isn't always that easy and as December 31st 2008 comes to a close, he begins to cross paths with those not healthy in his pursuit of redemption; enemies, old friends and acquaintances he'd rather not see. Preparing to celebrate the New Year with his woman, he catches a particularly crowded Bay Area Rapid Transit train but manages to get involved in a fight with some old adversaries. When the BART police are called, Oscar is detained along with some other passengers at Fruitvale Station and, through a cruel twist of fate, it becomes the last stop he'll ever make.

'Fruitvale Station' is based on the true story of Oscar Grant who was accidentally fatally shot by a police officer who, through his panic, withdrew a gun rather than his intended taser. It is the full length feature debut of Ryan Coogler and the winner of the Sundance Film Festival 2013 Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award. It is due for US release on July 26th 2013.

Click here to read Fruitvale Station movie review

Jennifer Aniston Steals The Show At 'Call Me Crazy' Premiere [Pictures]

Jennifer Aniston Melissa Leo Octavia Spencer Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Aniston stunned at the Los Angeles premiere of her upcoming television movie 'Call Me Crazy: A Five Film' this week. The former Friends star executive produced the movie - a compilation of short films about mental illness premiering April 20 on the Lifetime channel. At the premiere, Aniston joked that he's a total "pushover" when in charge.

For a television movie, Call Me Crazy boasts a pretty impressive looking cast, with Jennifer Hudson, Brittany Snow and Oscar winners Melissa Leo and Octavia Spencer. "We were lucky to get the cast that we got," Aniston told the BBC at Tuesday's premiere, "We want to our dream team and we just had all the star align, and people were just willing and excited to jump on board just because they wanted to be a part of this topic of mental illness. To remove the stigma to remove the shame."

Hudson gives a stirring performance in a particularly emotional role, saying, "I'm passionate about the things I do, and I felt that this was something that was worth doing. Mental illness is something that's there, that we don't realise it's there. I definitely wanted the chance to help raise awareness."

Continue reading: Jennifer Aniston Steals The Show At 'Call Me Crazy' Premiere [Pictures]

Smashed Review


Despite taking a full-on approach to the issue of alcoholism, filmmaker Ponsoldt undermines his own case by telling a story about the problem itself rather than the people caught up in it. And by avoiding the bigger questions, he leaves us with characters and a situation that are hard to care about, no matter how harrowing the story gets.

Schoolteacher Kate (Winstead) is a mess. Out drinking every night with her husband Charlie (Paul), she turns up drunk to teach her classroom of 6-year-olds. One morning when she's sick, she lets them believe she's pregnant. But lying to the kids sparks her guilt, which gets worse when a colleague (Offerman) covers for her and her boss (Mullally) throws a baby shower. So she joins AA and gets help from her sponsor Jenny (Spencer) to straighten out her life. But once she's sober she wonders whether she can stay with the still-drunk Charlie.

Essentially the film lets all of the characters off the hook since it's the alcohol that's the real villain, not any failing of willpower or self-discipline. In this world, it's not possible to be "the kind of people who have a glass of wine with dinner": you're either a falling-down drunk or a pious teetotaller. And even worst, both Kate and Charlie have tragic back-stories that explain why they are alcoholics. So the film's approach is purely superficial, which makes it impossible to identify with the characters or even root for them to sort out their messy lives.

Continue reading: Smashed Review

Smashed Trailer

Kate and Charlie Hannah's marriage came about through their shared love of partying and getting drunk. All is well in their relationship as long as they are drinking together. However, when Kate's excessive partying pushes her into the dangerous territory of hard drugs threatening her teaching career when she continuously lies to her boss, she decides that it's time to deal with her problem and quit the booze for good. While Charlie vows to help her, he finds going sober less easy and Kate beings to question whether their relationship is built on love or whether their vision of each other has been blurred by alcohol over the past years. Quitting drinking also forces Kate to confront her conduct at work and her difficult relationship with her mother.

'Smashed' is a comedy drama with more drama than comedy. While the antics of Kate and Charlie may be funny at first sight, it is clear as the story goes on that this a story about burying your darkest problems. It has been directed by James Ponsoldt ('Off the Black') who also co-wrote the movie with actress Susan Burke in her screenplay debut. 'Smashed' is scheduled for release this year on December 14th 2012.

Starring: Aaron Paul, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Octavia Spencer, Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Mary Kay Place, Kyle Gallner, Bree Turner & Richmond Arquette.

Continue: Smashed Trailer

Video - George Clooney Shows Off Stacey Kiebler At Awards Gala - The National Board Of Review Awards Gala - Arrivals Part 2

The National Board of Review Awards Gala was held at Cipriani 42nd Street Hall in New York recently. Among the celebrities who showed up, Michael Fassbender was there, sporting a new shaved head and looking almost unrecognisable. Following him down the red carpet were the actresses Jessica Chastain; Viola Davis; Octavia Spencer and Ahna O'Reilly, who all stood together for photos, before standing seperately. Teen star Chloe Moretz looked grown up, dressed in a red jacket with matching heels.

But it was George Clooney who was the highlight of the night; he attended the gala with his girlfriend, Stacey Kiebler and a guest. George kept talking to his companions as they stood for photos; whatever he was telling them was obviously funny as they couldn't contain their laughter

Video - Asa Butterfield Dons Green Tie To Brighten Up His Tux - The National Board Of Review Awards Gala Arrivals Part 1

The National Board of Review Awards Gala was held at Cipriani in New York on January 10th, 2012. It was attended by a wide range of actors, including Asa Butterfield (Hugo; The Boy In Striped Pyjamas). The child star wore a green tie to brighten up his suit and appeared very relaxed as he was lead down the red carpet. The Help actress Octavia Spencer was also spotted on the red carpet, followed by her co-star Jessica Chastain.

The last celebrity on the red carpet was British actress Felicity Jones, who is currently starring in Like Crazy with Fright Night's Anton Yelchin
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Bad Santa 2 Movie Review

The 2003 comedy Bad Santa is a holiday classic that skilfully mixes gross-out humour with...

Gifted Trailer

Gifted Trailer

Mary is a bright and happy little girl who lives with her uncle, Frank; he...

The Great Gilly Hopkins Trailer

The Great Gilly Hopkins Trailer

Gilly Hopkins is a little girl who's full of gumption and an attitude to boot....

Bad Santa 2 Trailer

Bad Santa 2 Trailer

Since we last met Willie T. Stokes, his life has had plenty of ups and...

Hidden Figures Trailer

Hidden Figures Trailer

Even from a young age, Katherine Johnson's family and teachers knew she was made for...

Zootopia [aka Zootropolis] Movie Review

Zootopia [aka Zootropolis] Movie Review

The filmmakers behind Tangled and Wreck-it Ralph join forces for this entertaining animated action comedy,...

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

The Divergent Series: Allegiant Movie Review

After the more thrilling Insurgent, this saga reverts to the talky style of the original...

Insurgent Movie Review

Insurgent Movie Review

A sharp improvement on the original, this second entry in The Divergent Series has a...

Black Or White Trailer

Black Or White Trailer

When a young girl's mother dies in childbirth, she is sent to live with her...

The Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer

The Divergent Series: Insurgent Trailer

Following on from the events of 'Divergent', the mysterious government has discovered a magical maguffin...