Ocean Colour Scene - Rock City Nottingham Live Review

Ocean Colour Scene at Rock City Nottingham, Live Review

Ocean Colour Scene

The Britpop foursome wow Nottingham again with a high energy gig everyone got into.

Ocean Colour Scene (OCS) could be described as one of the icons of the nineties Britpop scene. With catchy lyrics, great guitar riffs, and a nod in the direction of 60's rock there is nothing offensive about their music. Typical to its Britpop background it's all about good times.

There will always be those who worry for the band that their success still relies upon tracks from their massive back catalogue rather than newer work. Having interviewed the band before, this doesn't bother them. They are creating new music, and have new albums coming out. As a band they enjoy what they do, and the fact that they are constantly influencing unsigned bands within that genre is flattering. However, nothing demonstrates the passion and success of OCS like a live gig.

Playing to a packed out Rock City, OCS more than pleased their Nottingham crowd. Fans of all ages were there eagerly awaiting the band as those growing up with the bands success pass it on. There appears to be something quite timeless and accessible about Britpop, and for this reason an OCS gig will always go down well.

The great thing about an OCS gig is that their tracks are practically anthems now to their fans. When you get a full to capacity venue all singing along to 'Profit in Peace' it creates a sense of solidarity and power that only great bands can create.

Simon Fowler proved once again to be charismatic and as involved in his music as the crowd. Those moves I have seen time and time again as if he is in his own little world. Slow dancing with the mic. he was truly living for the moment, and passionate about what he is delivering. Turning to really jam with the band during those long guitar solos added visually to what was already a high energy performance.

As always it was the well known tracks we all loved which really made the night. 'One For the Road', 'The Day We caught The Train', 'Travellers Tune'- they were all there, meaning no chance of a disappointed fan in the building.

Ocean Colour Scene once said they will always return to Nottingham to play due to Manager Chris Cradock's connection to the city. With the high all fans left Rock City on, I think we'll continue to welcome them back anytime.

Laura Johnstone

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