Noel Gallagher's new album was stopped from sounding like Oasis by David Holmes.

The 50-year-old rocker was pushed and encouraged by the producer to ensure his latest High Flying Birds album, 'Who Built The Moon?' sounded like nothing he'd ever done before.

Recalling their recording sessions, Noel said: ''[Holmes would stop me and say] 'That sounds a bit like Oasis.' ''I'd be like, 'F***in good, though, right?' 'Well, yeah, but try something different.'

''I'd f**k around for another hour-and-a-half and he'd say, 'Starting to sound like High Flying Birds now' and I'd say, 'Equally as f**in' good, right?' 'No, but try something different.' And eventually, something different would come.''

When the 'Holy Mountain' singer first played his demos to the producer earlier this year, he was shocked when David told him they sounded like finished tracks - and he didn't want anything to do with them.

Noel recalled to Rolling Stone magazine: ''[It] was a shock to me because I hadn't even started. He said, 'You should finish that record, but if you want to make a record with me, we should do one from scratch.'''

When the pair entered the studio, David told the rocker not to come with any songs or even ideas and they spent 18 months doing more talking and listening to music than recording.

Noel said: ''The whole thing was born out of conversation and playing records.

''Him saying, 'I think that you should do stuff like this' and he'd play some obscure f***in' French jazz s**t. And I'd be going, 'Wha? Really? Ooh la la.' ''