Review of The Hindu Times Single by Oasis

Oasis single review The Hindu Times

The Hindu Times: Single release April 15

'The Hindu Times' is the first single from Oasis in nearly two years and the first song to be heard from their forthcoming fifth studio album. Oasis are currently putting the finishing touches to the album, as yet untitled, for release in July. Oasis will play two nights at London's Finsbury Park on Friday July 5th and 6th.

A Hypothesis: "The title of the new Oasis single is better than the actual song itself" - Discuss.

In the last few years being an Oasis fan has become a bit like being an admirer of Geordie pie-eater, Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne. You suspect that deep down there still lurks that spark of hidden genius, born(e) of working class angst and frustration, one last earth-stopping moment of greatness, a huge two-fingered "f*ck you" to the world. But I'm really quite tired of waiting - and apologising - for them to produce the goods.

Take the new single 'The Hindu Times', for example. It's an absolutely cracking name, the band are looking cool, Liam, refreshingly, has been up to his old tricks again (although fisticuffs with Tony Hadley is hardley gonna make top-billing on Sky Sports Fight Night) and Noel's even been heard enthusing about the forthcoming album. The song itself? Hmmmm.

Friends have told me they think 'Hindu Times' is "alright", "quite good" and "better than the last few singles". Yeah, it's a good rock-and-roll tune and, Christ knows, there aren't enough of them around anymore - not since Tim Burgess stuck his jacobs in a vice. But does it really f*ckin' ROCK? Well, no. Not really.

Anyone who loves music has sat pissed in the pub with their mates and invented their own band - with a great name, sound and cool song titles. That's what worries me about Oasis - they've become merely a 'good idea'. Anyone can be forgiven for believing in a good idea, take 'Soda Stream' for example, but something is definitely rotten in Manchester (...or should that be St, John's Wood? Perhaps therein lies the problem).

So I say (like the alcoholic's repeated promise to himself that this is

absolutely, definitely, so help me God, my last drink ever) I am NOT buying any more Oasis singles 'till they are EXCELLENT again.

Ummm...what time does HMV open?

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