Review of Falling Down Single by Oasis

Review of Oasis' single Falling Down.

Oasis Falling Down Single

A remix of this tune has already been released as a B-Side from 'The Shock Of The Lightning' but that doesn't concern the likes of Noel Gallagher, and lets face it two singles have come off 'Dig Out Your Soul' and Noel has not been lead vocals on either. It seems that single number three will be a Noel sung track, and what better song than 'Falling Down'.

Normally Mr Gallagher senior does like a sing a long tune that everyone can bellow along too after nine, ten or eleven pints, but this time he has really hit the nail on the head with a glorious track. With The Chemical Brothers remix 'Falling Down' is a superb track, without the remix it is just as strong and you find yourself arguing with yourself on which version is better, because you don't dislike either.

In reality love or hate this band it will be a sad day in British music when these guys decide to call it a day, Oasis are the real deal and although they have a lot to answer for, for many s**t bands forming because of them, they are still legendary.


Mark Moore

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