Review of Nothing But Thieves Album by Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves are a five piece band from the depths of Southend-on-Sea. They have been around since 2012, but only now are they coming with their self-titled debut album.

Nothing But Thieves Nothing But Thieves Album

'Wake Up Call', the band's first single, had to make an appearance on the debut album and the fact that it was released over a year ago should not detract from it. This is a great song and a was a great introduction to the band and their music.

Conor Mason has a bit of an airy feel to his vocals, which is only elevated during 'Itch'. This track really shows what the band are all about; fiery guitars just blasting out. More tracks like this from these guys will go down a storm. 'If I get High' slows things down somewhat, but again it's the vocals which are the key to this as they gradually builds up and show that these guys are not just a one trick pony.

While you can see that this self-titled number is a good record, you just feel that these guys can offer so much more. It feels like they have played everything safe and held back a little. Nothing But Thieves need to think outside the box and take some risks, a little more of that here could've turned a good record into a great record.

The album feels overfilled, like they just couldn't decide what to leave out and so in the end, they didn't. It seems a couple of tracks too many, which just drags the album out. Ten tracks, rather than twelve, would have nailed it on the head.

The band has proven they can hack it on the big stage after their slot on the main stage at the IOW Festival. A great outfit to see live, and no doubt on the smaller stage. But some fine-tuning in the studio is what's needed here.


Mark Moore

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