Review of Revolution In Sound Album by Northern Star Records

Review of Northern Star Records compilation Revolution In Sound.

Northern Star Records Revolution In Sound Album

Northern Star Records is one man, one label, 17 bands and a big F**K YOU to the music industry. We don't need your permission. We're doing this on our OWN terms... This is the bold words of Northern Star Records. So what do they actually mean by that?

Another bold statement from this up and coming exciting record label is 17 tracks from 17 of the most exciting bands on the planet, for those who really have no other option than to rock 'n' roll...

Lets take a butchers into these 17 bands which kick off with our Viking friends (from Norway) Maribel. Don't let the name or where they are from put you off because these guys are great. 'Deflowers' gives off a Stone Roses feel to it. Everything about it, the music, and the vocals gives off that distinctive sound, and yet you sense they have done this unaware. 'Clusterfuck' gets your attention straight away for obvious reasons (the name). This female vocal lead tune seems like something lifted out of the eighties backed up with noise and distortion. So with the first two tracks it seems that Northern Star Records are on to a winner and if this standard of music carriers on through the album then the expectation on the next track and then the next will be near impossible to cope.

Now is the time to see if that is the case with this new compilation album titled 'Revolution Of Sound' which is what some would call the new genre 'Shoegaze' although others just call it psychedelic.

The Nova Saints carry on this journey of 'shoegaze' with 'Lights' which most certainly stands out as one of the best tracks on the album and there is no doubt that when people have heard this they will be searching this band on google and myspace.

Punk TV bang out 'Vala Svala' and some might say that it's a bit controversial what has been said about this band but it is positive so tough. These guys are like the Pet Shop Boys but with balls. They have made an electro track that sounds amazing and the vocals are just mesmerizing, they have gone for quality rather than what will sell 200k Singles. This is a proper kick ass tune.

If it is noise which you are after then give The December Sound a listen because they are pure noise. It says it all in the title 'No Heaven Like Hell'. It seems like every amp has been cranked up and the drums are deafening.

Mint Ive start a little different to the rest starting off with an acoustic guitar, but this is just to lure you into a false sense of security because once the rest of the band kick in it like such a buzz but that is all finished off with the vocals. As soon as you hear Will Lillejord bellow the lyrics the hairs on the back of your neck stand and on end!! 'Paint A Picture (Of The Broken Hearts)' is up there with The Nova Saints for one of the best tracks on this album.

Kontakte wraps things 'Motorik' with a sit back and chilled out track. Well that's what they lead you to fell but all of a sudden everything kicks in and you can imagine that when this happens live all the lights turn on and blinds the whole crowed.

There is a reverse side to this though! Now there is an up and coming genre in the shape of 'Shoegaze' the chavs will come along and create 'trainergaze' and the next thing you know Goldie Lookin Chain will be back leading the charge. So if you are after something new and are sick and tired of the same old s**t then give this album a listen and what is great is you don't even have to get out of your seat to buy it. Take a gulp of your beer and visit the record labels website and buy the album online! New music brought to you with ease!!!!


Mark Moore

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