Supermodel-turned-actor Norman Reedus has started tracing his fascinating family tree so he can pass on the story of his ancestors to his son MINGUS.
While filming the revamped Hawaii Five-0, Reedus revamped his genealogy studies - because his grandfather was once married to a girl from the islands.
He tells WENN, "I became better friends with my father right before he passed away and he introduced me to different stories. I have a little sister who is doing the research and we're trying to figure out where we're from and who we're related to and stuff like that so it's been a work in progress over the last 15 years. We're starting to get it down."
And brother and sister now have a military hero helping them.
Reedus adds, "I recently had a relative of mine contact me from Afghanistan who is a Black Ops helicopter pilot and so he's kind of a bad a**. He recently told me some stories about my immediate family and knows more about them than I do.
"He actually sent me a hookah (pipe) from Afghanistan in a black box with a padlock on it. I'm like, 'Who the hell gets away with that?' He was really cool. I met him and his wife. I'm learning all this weird stuff about myself.
"I have a lot of unanswered questions in my immediate family and where I'm from. I was one of those kids that moved around a lot and left home at an early age and lived all over the planet. Now that I have a son I'm trying to know things and pass it on."
Reedus shares his son with supermodel-turned-photographer Helena Christensen.