Model-turned-actor Norman Reedus has joined the cast of the HAWAII FIVE-O remake - as a villain who dies in the revamped TV series pilot.
But Reedus insists fans of the show are likely to see a lot more of him than they think they are - because he hopes to be coming back from the dead.
He tells, "I'm a bad guy and I die in the pilot, or do I?
"I probably pop up, like, mid-season again - like, 'Did he die or did he not die?' You don't see me die; you see me dying, so, in the world of television, it's like, 'Did he really die?'"
Reedus admits he's thrilled to be a part of the remake, opposite Alex O'Loughlin and Lost star Daniel Dae Kim - because it'll give him the chance to trace his ancestry.
He adds, "We filmed it in Hawaii in that valley where they shot Lost and Jurassic Park, so there were giant dinosaur footprints around everywhere! It was really cool.
"I had never been to Hawaii, so it was a blast. I didn't have time to surf but I want to learn. I brought my girlfriend who's from Hawaii and to top it off I have a grandfather who's no longer with us that was married to a girl from Hawaii. He was in the navy and supposedly in one of the museums on the big island there's a hand-woven tapestry of my grandfather in his sailor's outfit covered in tattoos during the wedding ceremony.
"That lady (his wife) died and he jumped a boat, changed his last name... moved to Sicily and married an Italian lady and (they) had my father."