Norah Jones released her latest album 'Broken Little Hearts' on Tuesday (May 1, 2012), but the singer insists the record is not entirely about her failed relationships. The singer-songwriter says she's currently enjoying life with her current beau - who remains nameless - and doesn't want to dwell too much on her past romances.
When pushed by Usa Today on the album's title, Jones insists the songs are not entirely "a diary" about her experiences with her ex-boyfriend, whom she also doesn't identify by name, saying, "There are bits of other things in there. I had a bad breakup, followed by another bad breakup. So I've done two albums based on that kind of thing". The multi-Grammy award winner admits that Hearts' is "obviously a heavy relationship album", though ultimately a rather unconventional one. She co-wrote the material with Danger Mouse, the songwriter and producer best known for his work with Gnarls Barkley. Jones explained, "I asked if he would be interested in producing something for me.He said yes, but not in a normal way. I had always gone into the studio with songs ready, but he wanted us to start from scratch. We worked side by side on every line, bouncing stuff back and forth, getting inside each other's heads like crazy".
As attention turned to her personal life, the singer said she had a "wonderful boyfriend" and is happy to savour domestic comforts following years on the road. She even relaxed during her time recording the album in Los Angeles, saying, "I rented a really cool house. I went hiking a few times, but mostly I went to the studio and came home. I would listen to music and cook. I got to be kind of a grill-master - had lots of barbecues".