Review of The Way to Save Ourselves Album by None The Less

Review of ‘The Way to Save Ourselves’ a mini-album from None The Less.

None The Less The Way to Save Ourselves Album

This record sounds a little bit like what QOTSA might make if Josh Homme was reared on a staple diet of Glassjaw. Frontman Anthony Giannacini sounds less like Daryl Palumbo and more like Charlie Simpson, in that he has that same thickness to his voice. The closest comparison I can think of is probably Lower Definition- check them out. However, these guys are British, something that didn't clock until I checked out their Wikipedia page. None The Less have certainly been busy, playing the Red Bull Bedroom Jam at Download this year, and are touring this summer with Young Guns UK-wide.

This EP is nicely produced, the songs are memorable and the screams aren't overused. There's a lot of genre staples here, a double-bass pedal slips in, a nice breakdown pops up occasionally. Fans of the band should note Four 4's reappearing on this record, a popular track of theirs. I hope they get some real recognition soon enough- at the moment they're on Irony Records, which seems like a very small label.

Great EP, great sound, great band. Check them out.

Conrad Hughes

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