Noel Gallagher is set to record an album of lost Oasis songs.

The Britpop group's former guitarist and chief songwriter has revealed he's set to dust off and re-record 14 tracks that never made it onto any of the 'Wonderwall' group's seven studio albums during their 18-year career.

However, the 53-year-old musician won't be involving his estranged sibling and the group's ex-frontman, Liam Gallagher, with the release.

The feuding siblings have been locked in a war of words ever since the band split following a major bust-up between the pair backstage at their final gig in Paris in 2009.

Speaking on his pal Matt Morgan's 'Funny How?' podcast, Noel spilled: “I’ve listed the proper songs and there were 14.

"They just fell by the wayside of various projects from down the years.

“I’m going to record them. Some are quite old school.

“I was looking at the track listing and thinking, ‘Actually, f****** hell, no I’d approach that song differently’.

"It’s been very interesting.”

The 'Some Might Say' hitmaker admitted his "gift" is remembering songs not songwriting and he knows a tune is worth releasing if he can still recall every line.

He added: “The gift is not coming up with the chords.

"The gift I’ve been given is remembering it all. If I play a song once and I’m not p***** and it connects, it’s in there forever.

“Obviously, I’ll forget about little things but years later I’ll be playing something and go, ‘Hang on, that’s that f****** tune I had’.

“That’s the gift, not the songwriting.

"If they’re good enough they’ll come back.”

The last Oasis album was 2008's 'Dig Out Your Soul'.

Noel continues to release music with his High Flying Birds, while Liam, 48, has released two solo albums since 2017.

Meanwhile, the former recently released a demo of 'We’re Gonna Get There In The End'.

Noel decided to release the tune, which includes a nod to Oasis' 2005 track 'Keep the Dream Alive’ from their sixth album 'Don't Believe the Truth' last month, as "the lyrics are quite apt for the times”.

It features the lyric: "Remember the dream that you're keeping alive. Remember your love for the loved outside."

Noel announced: “Firstly let me wish everyone a Happy New Year. Things can only get better from here!! (saying that, they couldn’t get much worse could they?!).

“Anyway I’ve been writing and noodling recently and I’ve made a little demo of a tune that I wrote a couple of weeks ago and it actually came out sounding pretty good.

The lyrics are quite apt for the times and I think I’d like to share it with you. The song is called ‘We’re Gonna Get There In The End'.

'Hope your hangovers aren’t too horrific. Hopefully we’ll catch up soon. PS. IT’S ONLY A DEMO. ONWARDS. NG. (sic)”