Noel Gallagher has explained that the primary reason why he doesn’t foresee an Oasis reunion is that his younger brother Liam has “legitimised” online abuse being directed toward his family.

Characterised by sibling feuding that increasingly became more interesting than their actual music as their career progressed, Oasis split in 2009. Liam and Noel have not spoken to each other since, but their war of words has continued in the press and latterly via social media, with Liam regularly taking digs at his older brother on Twitter.

50 year old Noel, about to release his third solo album later this month, doesn’t have any social media platforms, and explained to BBC Radio 4’s ‘Front Row’ programme that his resistance to Twitter and the like is because of the abuse he and his family receive – and that’s partly down to Liam’s influence.

Noel GallagherNoel Gallagher has spoken about social media and why Oasis will never reunite

Noel said that, if Liam misses Oasis and wants a reunion so much, “maybe he should stop tweeting about it”.

“I think probably the nation as a whole, particularly the media, would love for me to get a Twitter account,” Noel explained, saying he finds social media “exhausting” because “it shines a light on things that I find quite distasteful”.

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“My wife is on social media and my kids are on social media and people come after them on social media and it’s not very nice. It is ugly,” he continued. “My wife has shown me things that people have written about her and it’s disgraceful. My daughter has shown me things people have written about her in regards to Oasis. That’s disgraceful. It only heightens my resolve that I’ll never walk the stage with that band again.”

When he quit to form his new band The High Flying Birds in 2009, he said that he used to avoid thinking about reforming Oasis for “professional reasons”, but that “now it’s personal”.

“People are coming after my family,” he said, “and one particular person [Liam] has legitimised it. And for that reason you’ve seen the last of Oasis.”

At the time of writing, Liam Gallagher has not responded to Noel’s comments.

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