Noel Gallagher thinks his voice has improved since he quit smoking.

The 50-year-old former Oasis guitarist is releasing his third album with his band High Flying Birds on Friday (24.11.17), and has said that whilst his voice has naturally gotten better as he's aged, he believes putting down the cigarettes has also had an effect on his vocals.

When asked if he thinks being older has improved his voice, he said: ''Yeah, Paul Weller says that his voice is getting better, too. I gave up smoking recently. That might have something to do with it, but I think mine has been getting better. I'm more expressive, and I suppose the more solo albums that you make, you should be getting better.''

Despite his changing vocals, Noel insists he doesn't have a problem belting out the Oasis tracks on his setlist as they were always meant to be in a range that suited him, and blasted brother and bitter rival Liam's vocal range for changing the key of the tracks.

Asked by Vulture magazine if there are any Oasis songs he can no longer sing, Noel said: ''No. For the Oasis songs, I'd bring them into the studio, and they'd be in a key and I'd sing them, and then we'd have to bring them down for Liam. So when I sing them, I shift them back up. I've got a better range. But I think it's all subjective. Liam was a great singer. Bob Dylan's a great singer. They say Adele's a great singer, right? I can't f***ing stand her voice. They say Bob Dylan can't sing, but I love Bob Dylan, so don't f***ing ask me.''