Noel Gallagher is planning a tour in which he only performs Oasis songs.

The 'Holy Mountain' singer doesn't worry about his background with his former group when he's working on new material for his solo project, High Flying Birds, but acknowledges fans want to hear some of the tracks he wrote for the 'Live Forever' hitmakers at his gigs, and he's planning to take that one step further by going out on the road with an orchestra to pay tribute to his back catalogue.

He said: "When I am making a record, I don’t think about my legacy. I am in the trenches with the songs and I follow my instincts. How they come out is how they come out. As a whole, High Flying Birds is a totally different set-up to Oasis. They couldn’t be more different.

“But when I put together a show, you have to merge the two. You can’t charge people £70 a ticket and not do a handful of Oasis songs, some of the most famous songs of the Nineties.

“It is a privileged position to be in. I will probably get round to a tour of mostly Oasis songs when I do the acoustic thing.

“There is always a plan to take that out properly with an orchestra on tour, but I am not sure when that will happen because of the Covid s**t.”

Noel and his estranged brother Liam have been working on a documentary about their legendary 1996 Knebworth gigs and the 54-year-old rocker admitted watching the footage back made him realise how much Oasis relied on the frontman for their success.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I have to say, listening to the audio on that, we were on fire. Liam was at his absolutely f***ing peak and I’ve since realised Oasis was at its best when he was at his best. And when he started to deteriorate, the band started to go downhill.

"In my own view, the singles were always great.

“The albums started to tail off a bit but when you see this thing, Liam’s at his absolute.

“And then, after, it was death by 1,000 cancellations until finally we’d had enough.

“It was great looking back at it and I could actually see what all the f***ing fuss was about."