Noel Gallagher, former lead guitarist of chart topping rock band Oasis, talks about his Sao Paulo show in his new blog written for the Huffington Post UK.

He mentions a few of the banners that were held up at the show: "My personal favourite", he writes. "Noel..I AM PREGNANT BY YOU!!!!! (???????and it was held up by a boy!! Reminds me of a similar sign my wife held up over breakfast a couple of years ago!!)"[sic]. He ends the blog post with "Strange cats these Brazilians".

Noel, 44, is known for his conflict with his brother Liam. He left Oasis in 2009 due to an altercation with said brother, confessing that he, "Simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer". Noel has recently released single 'Dream On' with his new ban High Flying Birds.

However, his most infamous conflict was in the mid-nineties with Blur frontman Damon Albarn, of whom he expressed a wish that he would "catch AIDS and die" in an interview with 'The Observer'. Since then the pair appear to have settled their differences and last week it was reported that Damon has recently invited Noel to work with him on his next project. "That'd be a nice chance to collaborate", he told Shortlist. Noel has similarly confessed his wish to work on a track with Damon, dubbing him "as mad as a box of frogs" to the NME.