Noel Gallagher lost a book full of unseen Oasis lyrics.

The 53-year-old rocker admitted he wrote a lot of material around the time the group were working on their 1994 debut album 'Definitely Maybe', but the notes have never surfaced after they went missing over 25 years ago.

Appearing on Matt Morgan's 'Funny How?' podcast, he said: ''I did lose a load of lyrics early on in Oasis.

''We got slung out of a hotel in Manchester - The Britannia, The Midland... one of those - by the police and a lyric book went missing.

''It has not surfaced, and it was in 1993 or 1994, so somebody has just launched it in a bin haven't they?''

The 'Don't Look Back In Anger' hitmaker also reflected on how the band potentially ruined their own chances at breaking the US when they accidentally got high on a stimulant during their first gig.

He added: ''It was the start of our big crack at America and our first gig was an absolutely f***ing shambles of drugs and booze.''

He insisted the group thought they were taking cocaine, but realised otherwise when they were still feeling the effects two days later.

He explained: ''I had no clue. You're up for going into the second day and night, and you're like, 'Just hang on a minute'. Someone said: 'It must have been meth'. We were all f***ed.

''That part of the tour, I don't really remember it. They were crazy days. It was fun. We wore it well. But the thought of that now, the excess of that now and still doing the gigs would be insane at this grand old age.

''The American tours were always fraught with tension. We were just being drunk and idiots - young and daft and running with the wheels off.''