Noel Gallagher labelled his estranged sibling Liam Gallagher ''XXLG'' as he mocked him for getting fat during the coronavirus lockdown.

The former Oasis guitarist-and-songwriter has previously referred to the 'Roll With It' group's ex-frontman as a ''fat man in an anorak'', and now, he has taken the fat jibe one step further by comparing his rival brother to the late bearded Greek singer Demis Roussos - who, in 1980, weighed 23 stone.

Commenting on Liam's beard and size in an interview on Matt Morgan's 'Funny How?' podcast, Noel quipped: ''Our kid has gone al Demis Roussos at the minute, ain't he.

''He's XXLG, I cried laughing at that, he's not f***ing isolating from the sweet trolley is he.''

However, the 52-year-old rocker insisted he's not worried about piling on the pounds himself, but he would have a massive issue if he ever went bald.

He added: ''I was once asked if I would rather be a fat Rod Stewart or a bald Mick Jagger?

''Baldness though mate is the biggest fear.

''I'd rather be a fat Rod Stewart.

''Hats are for d***s.

''I'd rather be a fat Rod Stewart knowing I could get rid of it, I'd get Penny [Lancaster, Rod's wife] to whip the fat out of me.''

Noel - who calls Liam's fans who hate his solo work Parka Monkeys - previously took aim at the 47-year-old singer for always wearing a parka, and said: ''If they want to hear old Oasis songs they're being played by a fat man in an anorak somewhere, you know, with shorts on so they can go and see that.

''I've no desire at all to get back involved with Oasis.''

The 'Black Star Dancing' hitmaker quit Oasis in 2009, after a backstage bust-up with Liam at their final concert in Paris.

And he has repeatedly dashed hopes of him ever reuniting with his bandmates, even for a one-off concert for the NHS, which Liam recently suggested.