Noel Gallagher says Ed Sheeran is a "good lad" - despite disliking his music.

The former Oasis guitarist previously included the flame-haired pop star in his list of "s*** best-selling stars", and while he still isn't a fan of the 'Shivers' hitmaker's hits, the 54-year-old rocker says Ed is a true gentleman.

Speaking about his phone call with the 'Perfect' hitmaker on his pal Matt Morgan's podcast, he recalled: "I work for The Teenage Cancer Trust and I get to call up the bands and say, 'Do you want to do it this year?'

"To cut a long story short, I spoke to Ed Sheeran and he said, 'I can't do it because I'm going to Australia ... but I'll do it next year.'

"I was like, 'Whatever.'

"Anyway, he actually called me back a year later and said, 'Right, this gig, let's do it.'

"He's a good lad, but his music ... nah."

Ed ended up making his debut at the TCT show in 2014, and the 'Wonderwall' rocker admitted he was shocked how the 'Shape of You' star can create a full band sound from his single guitar and loop pedal.

He said: "He came on stage on his own with that pedal, I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was like, 'What the f***?!'

"A full tune was coming out of this little fella with his guitar, it was like f***ing hell."

Noel tips his hat off to Ed, 30, for making millions with minimal overhead costs for his tours.

He added: "His overheads are nothing, he's got an acoustic guitar and a microphone stand, a few checked shirts and a f***ing bracelet.

"I was talking to his tour manager, this was when he was just about to become the biggest star in ginger-dom, and he was like, 'It's a bit boring on tour, it's just me and him.

"It's just little Ed Sheeran on a tour bus, 'All right mate, might get an early night tonight, bye.'"