The outspoken Oasis star is famous for his habit of taking other musicians to task during interviews, and in the past he has blasted artists including Lady GaGa, Radiohead, Madonna, Blur, Mark Ronson, Sum 41, and Keane.

However, he fears that one day his remarks will come back to bite him as he occasionally spots those he has taken aim at while milling around backstage at gigs.

Gallagher tells U.K. talk show host Alan Carr, "Festivals can be a bit tricky backstage, because I have s**gged a lot of people off in my time and catering can be a bit tricky if someone that you have nailed a couple of times is across the room and someone is nudging you going, 'Whatshisname is over there. Just blank him it will be alright'. So I've had a few tricky situations. Keeps it interesting."