The former Oasis star played at the Opera House in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday night (06Jun15) and during the show, a group of aspiring musicians called The Memo passed him a demo CD.

However, Gallagher was left baffled by the sample because it was unlabelled and did not even feature the band's name, prompting him to give the music industry novices a harsh lesson on the failings of their marketing strategy.

In video footage of the show, which has appeared online, he says, "When you're giving away CDs of your s**t, there's not even a f**king name of who it is, or what it's called, or a phone number, or nothing. No song titles, no name, no nothing. Now unless this is some psychedelic f**king album project, I'm saying, this c**t's going nowhere... The Memo? Do you f**king get the irony of that? A CD with nothing written on it by somebody called The Memo. F**king hell, don't make me say it."