Noel Gallagher wouldn't care if he never wrote another song.

The former Oasis guitarist - who was the chief songwriter in the Britpop group - has admitted that he is very happy with his back catalogue, and if he never put pen to paper again, it wouldn't be the end of the world.

He told Matt Morgan on his 'Funny How?' podcast: ''If I never wrote another f***ing song in my entire life, I'd be happy with what I've done, I wouldn't give a f***.''

The 52-year-old rocker - who is said to be worth around £53.8 million - also admitted that he made his best music at the start of the 'Wonderwall' hitmakers' career, because it was ''vital'' for them to be able to make money to afford to pay the bills.

He said: ''From an artistic point of view, your best years are in the first few years ... I don't think there are many artists or bands in the world that after they break, not successful, but mega-big, that is when they do their best work.

''You do your best work when it's f***ing vital and you are in the same circumstances as your audience.''

Noel's comments come after he admitted he is ''ready to call it a day'' earlier this year.

He said: ''I'm ready to call it a day, actually. I'm ready to stop touring for a while. I'm ready to take a big chunk of time off.''

The 'Some Might Say' rocker - who has daughter Anais, 20, with ex-wife Meg Mathews and sons Sonny, nine and Donovan, 12, with spouse Sara MacDonald - insisted fans might not get much more new material from him or gigs.

He added: ''I can see myself not producing as much material and touring every five to six years, as opposed to every two or three.

''I'm 52 now.

''By the time I finish the next tour I'll be 58, so that's nearly 60. You don't know how you're going to feel physically. You're gonna think, 'Can I be f***ing arsed to be away from the kids?'''