Noel Gallagher (Oasis) and Mick Jones’ (The Clash) daughters have joined forces with the animal charity PETA for an ad campaign, encouraging people to report animal bullying.

With the tagline ‘Cruelty Doesn’t Fly With Us. Be An Angel For Animals,’ Ava Jones, 8, Stella Jones, 10 and Anais Gallagher, 13 are dressed in boots and tutus for the adverts, with wings and a halo drawn on each girl, afterwards. The photo shoot was taken by leading celebrity photographer Pal Hansen.

The purpose of the advert is to urge other children to report anyone that they see harming animals. The ad goes on to say “Only bullies hurt animals. Don’t be afraid to report them.” Noel’s daughter Anis said, in a press statement “We all know it's wrong to abuse animals, but it takes courage to speak up when we see an animal in trouble. If you suspect that somebody's hurting an animal, be brave and tell your parents, a teacher, PETA or a police officer. You could save that animal's life."

According to the press statement “studies have repeatedly demonstrated that children who abuse animals are more likely to bully classmates and grow up to be violent adults. Parents can help instil empathy for all living beings by always teaching children to be kind to animals. Peta have a long history of teaming up with celebrities to further their cause and raise awareness of animal cruelty, particularly with their anti-fur campaigns. 

Peta Campaign
L - R: Ava Jones, Anais Gallagher, Stella Jones