Noel Gallagher has been accused of plotting his solo career before Oasis split up.

Amorphous Androgynous' Garry Cobain has claimed he was first approached by Noel in October 2008 - when he performed a DJ set at an after-party for one of Oasis' Wembley Arena gigs in London - to create an LP with him away from the band.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, Garry said: ''We first began talking about working with Noel on a solo album years ago. ''We had remixed the 2009 Oasis single 'Falling Down' and turned it into a 22-minute odyssey, which he loved, and then he invited me to DJ at the after-party for one of Oasis's Wembley Arena gigs that October. That's when we began talking about a solo record.''

Noel quit Oasis after having a backstage bust-up with his brother and bandmate Liam Gallagher before a headline slot at a Paris music festival in August 2009 and released his first solo record, 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds', in October 2011.

Liam, 42, had previously accused his older sibling of planning to go it alone months before he called time on the super-group and he has now posted a link to Garry's interview citing it as proof of his claims.

He followed that tweet with another which simply said ''Busted. LG x (sic)''

When he announced his debut solo LP, Noel, 47, also claimed a second album recorded with Amorphous Androgynous would be coming out.

However, last year the songwriter revealed the project would ''never see the light of day'' because ''the mixes weren't right''.

Two songs, 'The Right Stuff' and 'The Mexican', slated for the now-scrapped album did appear on Noel's latest LP 'Chasing Yesterday', while he released 'Shoot a Hole into the Sun' as a B-side.

Ultimately, Garry thinks Noel dropped the project because he got ''afraid to be weird''.

Garry said: ''There's not much colour on his two albums; it's just the same old Noel. He has tried to send out this message that he's pushed himself, but it's just the same generic stuff. We had kids' choirs, harpsichords, mandolins. We really went to town with orchestras and all sorts of crazy instrumentation. He just needed to cut the pie to suit Noel the solo artist ... I believe ours is the album people wanted him to make - a liberated, exploratory Noel Gallagher, cutting loose from Oasis, enjoying his freedom; the Noel who name-drops our 'Monstrous Bubble' albums and krautrock, and who had hits with the Chemical Brothers. He obviously loves that kind of music, but has no idea how to make it. We still talk. But he has been asked about our album a lot, and his rebuttal of it is a disgrace. It's doing me a lot of damage. He became too afraid to be weird. But, still, when Noel is ready to collaborate, I'm here.''