Liam and Noel Gallagher have been offered the chance to compete in a wrestling bout to settle their differences once and for all.

The rock 'n' roll siblings have been feuding since August 2009 following Noel's decision to quit Oasis in the wake of a dressing room altercation which ended with Liam swinging a guitar at his older brother's head.

The pair had several fist fights with each other during their time in Oasis and now major American promotion TNA Wrestling - which can be seen on Challenge TV every Sunday at 9pm - has extended an invitation to Liam and Noel to step inside the ring during the company's tour of the UK in January 2016 and bring an end to their feud so they can reform their band.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz, TNA ring announcer-and-matchmaker Jeremy Borash said: ''They need to do this, they need to get together in the ring and settle their differences once and for all and then reunite Oasis ... We've got to do it in Manchester, I think the crowd would be really up for it, I think it would be an awesome fight. Once it's all over, whatever the result, we just want to get the band back together. We want Oasis back touring and making music.''

Jeremy has offered to train Noel, 48, for the proposed match-up and has already come up with a signature move for the guitarist.

He added: ''Noel is by far the more talented of the two but when it comes to in-ring skills he's going to need my help. He's a High Flying Bird now so I want to teach him how to do a high flying splash!''

TNA wrestler Rockstar Spud has offered to share his grappling knowledge with Liam, 42, for the bout and believes the singer's history of brawls makes him the favourite to beat his brother.

Spud said: ''Liam's used to fighting and I just want to see Liam and Noel have a proper fight in the ring. Liam just needs to go in there and be himself - be obnoxious and be a thug. After the fight Oasis can get back together and we can celebrate with a champagne supernova!''

The 'TNA Wrestling Tour' comes to the Manchester Arena on January 29 next January before heading to London's SSE Arena on January 30 and the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham on January 31. Visit for tickets and more information.