Noel Fielding is back on E4 tonight (July 31st) bringing the second series of his ‘Luxury Comedy’ with ‘Tales from Painted Hawaii’. One half of The Mighty Boosh and Never Mind the Buzzcock’s team captain, Noel has never been one to go for the conventional laugh as 'Luxury Comedy’s' first series proved. But this time around he’s found a different way to present the weirdness and thankfully the results are just as hilarious.

Noel Fielding's luxury comedyNoel Fielding's 'Luxury Comedy' is back, this time in a coffee shop

When ‘Luxury Comedy’ debuted on E4 in 2012 the reaction from viewers and critics was mixed. Some just really didn't get Fielding’s eccentric mix of characters and off-beat jokes, while others simply dismayed that “it wasn't the Mighty Boosh!”, as if it had ever intended to be. But for those who did appreciate Fielding’s first solo effort, a whole new world full of colours and characters had been opened up to them, just like in Mighty Boosh’s earliest days.

But this time around Noel has tried to make things easier to follow. Instead of disjointed sketches, a clear story now runs throughout each episode, making it almost seem like a proper sitcom. Add in that it's now set in a coffee shop where Noel works and you may be left wondering if Fielding has been left suffering from a nasty case of the ‘normals’.

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Of course Fielding has managed to put a twist on the seemingly boring sitcom setting and bring us something which actually sounds more surreal than its predecessor. Far from being ordinary, Fielding’s coffee shop is located on the edge of a volcano in a painted version of Hawaii. Working alongside him are his three friends from series one, Andy Warhol, Dolly the trendy German and Smooth who’s half-man, half anteater. There’s also plenty of other series one favourites returning for a second outing, Sargent Raymond Boombox is back (policing the island of course), mantra-ray Tony Reason is still on hand for musical anecdotes, while Fantasy Man will once again be off on adventures.

Noel Fielding's luxury comedySeries two is filed with more colourful characters

There’s also a host of new characters to meet, including Paul Panfer, a youtube sensation with six eyes and women’s breasts and Reality Man a fantasy hater played by the brilliant Richard Ayoade.

But as surreal and disconnected as Fielding’s comedy might seem to some, 'Luxury Comedy’s' second series contains as many self deprecating references and in jokes as we've come to expect from Fielding. One whole episode is build around the series only having one viewer, with the twist being that he’ll die if Noel doesn't write an ending to the show.

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While ‘Luxury Comedy’ may represent the inner most goings on of Fielding’s imagination, he’s also joined by a very talented cast and crew who have helped bring his ideas to life. Animator Nigel Coan, whom Fielding has known since university serves as his co-writer and director, while Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno is collaborating with him once again on the series's soundtrack. There’s also a fantastic cast of comedy actors on board, including the aforementioned Richard Ayoade, Tom Meeten and Dolly Wells last seen on Sky Atlantic’s 'Doll and Em'.

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