While we all dream of the celebrity lifestyle from time to time, we rarely consider what life is like for those who have lived in luxury only for it to be taken away from them. Noel Edmonds spiralled into a depression after his business empire collapsed, and he even tried to take his own life.

Noel Edmonds at the ITV StudiosNoel Edmonds at the ITV Studios

When the 'Deal or No Deal' presenter lost his media business to a corrupt group of HBOS bankers including Mark Dobson, many of whom are now in prison for fraud, his resulting debt lost him the majority of his income as well as assets like his stately home in Devon. That massive betrayal left him with severe depression that rendered him suicidal to the point of trying to overdose on pills.

'The only way I can describe it, is it is the darkest space that the human mind ever occupies', he told ITV News in an interview this week. 'You see nothing. I mean I had four daughters, I had a wife, I had mates, I saw nothing in that dark space. I wrote a letter to my now ex-wife explaining as best I could why I'd reached the end and I recorded little dictaphone messages to my daughters basically saying goodbye.'

Following the loss of companies like Noel's Unique Group, the 68-year-old reveals that he is demanding his goods back as well as damages, claiming that there was nothing within his businesses that would've caused such serious losses under any other legal circumstances.

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'They stole my companies, they stole my home, they stole my family, they stole my livelihood, they nearly stole my life. I want return of my stolen goods plus damages', he said. 'My businesses were actually sound, I was moving towards creating as much value as possible, so, yes, I was borrowing money, the books maybe didn't look brilliant, but we would have grown in value.'