Noah Cyrus is ''tired'' of people criticising her for ''every damn thing'' she does.

The 20-year-old singer has slammed those who have criticised her throughout her life, and accused them of needlessly commenting on everything she does.

She wrote on Twitter: ''im so f***ing tired of yall commenting on every damn thing i do since i was a f***ing kid. yall are gon say im breathing wrong next. (sic)''

Noah then hit out at people who have commented on the way she looks, and said that whilst she is ''used to it'', she can't imagine what the constant criticism would be like for someone younger than her.

She added: ''i am v aware theres a lot of you who dont like me or the way i look. you guys have made it very clear since i was probably younger than 12. im used to it. but for the younger kids pls dont let them grow up with that kinda hatred. it f**ks someone up just chill the f**k out??? (sic)''

In a third tweet, the 'I Got So High That I Saw Jesus' hitmaker revealed she will be dropping new music next week, despite what some haters might say.

She wrote: ''i have a beautiful ep coming out may 15 and yall can get the f**k over it (sic)''

Noah - who is the younger sister of singer Miley Cyrus, and the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus - shot to fame as a teenager, and previously said she used to ''hide'' in her room to escape the online bullying she received.

She said: ''Being in my room with the lights off, hiding from the world, that's not a way to live for such a young girl. So, you know, whenever I think about how many other people are going through the same thing - especially at the age I was at - there are so many more people out there. I think that whenever I see other artists like myself speaking out and talking about it, it makes me really happy because I didn't really have that when I was growing up.''

Many of the comments Noah received compared her to her sister Miley - who also found fame as a youngster on Disney Channel show 'Hannah Montana' - and the 'Make Me' singer says not being recognised as her own person ''f***ed [her] up''.

She added: ''Somebody not even coming up to you and calling you by your name? That's going to really f**k you up as a kid, make you feel like you don't f***ing even matter to the population - for them to not even know your name.''