The Frances Ha star's boyfriend, director Noah Baumbach, researched the drugs used by Native American spiritual gurus for an ayahuasca ceremony scene in his new Ben Stiller movie, While We're Young, and Gerwig became so intrigued, she has set up a meeting with her own female shaman within the next month.

She tells the New York Post, "Noah's like, 'Seriously, you're really going to go to a shaman? Like, for real?' But I think it's great."

The ayahuasca therapy ceremony is a ritual involving the consumption of a psychedelic Amazonian tea which can cause vomiting and hallucinations, but the adventurous 31 year old insists she can't wait to try it.

She explains, "You have to work up to ayahuasca. I'm supposed to start with another drug first, which she'll lead me through, and then two months later I can do ayahuasca."

She adds, "I've only had nice experiences with hallucinogens so I believe it will just continue."

However, actress Naomi Watts, who took part in Baumbach's ayahuasca scene in the film, isn't so sure the ancient therapy session is a good idea.

She says, "It's a Peruvian root... It's like a sludgy liquid that you drink... I didn't want to try it."

Watts explains the ritual surrounding the ayahuasca taking is like "a rebirth", adding, "It sounds like something horrific to me and basically it's a roomful of people... and you start vomiting... and you actually nurse your bucket. It's the worst nightmare!"