Review of Peaceful The World Lays Me Down Album by Noah and the Whale

Album review of 'Peaceful The World Lays Me Down' by Noah and the Whale.

Noah and the Whale Peaceful The World Lays Me Down Album

After a handful of singles and band members going on and doing solo projects Noah And The Whale have finally managed to get their debut album out. Although being on the album Laura Marling is no longer a member of Noah And The Whale, or is she? Well whenever Laura can find a window she is found moonlighting with the band which does show that she hasn't forgotten where she has come from.

Likened to so many different artists from The Magic Numbers to Nizlopi to even Malcolm Middleton (vocals anyway). The band don't claim to be a pop act or a main stream group, and in all honestly you can see why.

Noah And The Whale release their debut album 'Peaceful The World Lays Me Down' which in all reality is full of eleven mediocre tracks, scrap that, ten mediocre tracks. There is just nothing that jumps out at you and says 'listen to us we are great'.

The only tune that jumps out at you is '5 Years Time' which is probably the most well know song and does have that annoyance about it, where you find yourself singing or even humming to it.

The rest just seems a bit dull but that is the beauty of music what is painful to one persons ears is pure delight to another. Confused? If you like this artist then have a listen to the 'You Made Me Realise' by My Bloody Valentine or better still search for it on you tube, then you will understand where this slightly tired reviewer is coming from.


Mark Moore

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