There hasn't been the huge buzz surrounding No Doubt's return that there might necessarily have been with other acts, which is strange in a way given the profile Gwen Stefani had back in the last decade. On the other hand they've not been away for a hugely long time in comparison to some of their peers. However, unlike many who've simply returned and wheeled out the old hits, No Doubt are actually returning in a creative sense; that is, they've got new music out!

Push And Shove is the band's first album since returning, and it seems to be finding good sway with the critics, with many pointing out that the trio haven't really changed their style since going away - and that that's absolutely fine. "Gwen Stefani pogos as hard as she ever did in her Anaheim-strip-mall ska days" writes Entertainment Weekly, "But she's also just as neurotic, which adds depth to her love songs." Billboard meanwhile comments "Push and Shove is a celebration of No Doubt's love for all things 80s pop and the Southern California ska scene."

Such a continuous character doesn't impress everyone though; The Independent writes "No Doubt makes only the most tentative divergences from previously tried and tested strategies, which gives Push and Shove a character that could be described as either dated or timeless" whilst its sister Sunday paper comments "There's an excess of bog-standard radio-friendly pop-rock, and a couple of wet weepies a la Don't Speak."