Organisers of Britain's Glastonbury Festival have ruled out staging a secret gig by a major act at next year's (13) event amid fears the surprise shows are a danger to revellers.

In recent years, bands including Radiohead and Pulp have stunned festival-goers by performing unannounced on a small stage away from the main arena, causing huge crushes in the crowd.

Now bosses of the iconic event have confirmed they will not be planning any secret gigs at Glastonbury in the future as they create too many safety and security issues.

Co-organiser Emily Eavis tells Britain's NME magazine, "There'll be one or two surprises, but probably not on the same scale that there has been in the last couple of years, because it's been a bit dangerous in terms of health and safety. Radiohead was a total once-in-a-lifetime (performance)."

Eavis also killed off recent rumours cult British band The Smiths will reunite to headline next year's festival, adding, "There are no talks happening with The Smiths. It's good to rule these ones out because every year it's always the same ones rumoured."